Loki’s Avatar Boys – changing???

Lets start with my shops, neglected for the best part of over a year. I have new shirts and jeans coming out, better quality, more detail. Using new 3rd party applications and improved 3D sculpting skills to ad to quality of my products. New backpacks, some new toys. The only problem is the huge scale of the market now. I used to sell the clothes and stuff to pay for the islands and used to gain a lil profit off of it. But now i dont make much money at all, not enough at least to pay the tier, and since you all donate to the tier the designing of clothes is no longer as important as it was. So the reasons behind why im designing clothes has changed, and the way i sell them will change also. Its not about making money anymore, it’s about paying you all back for donating to goony island, keeping it going…..

For more information, watch this space πŸ˜‰

Goony island changes to a homestead

Goony Island, home of the well loved Nemo beach this week changed from an Openspace Sim to a Homestead. What this means is that we are only allowed up to 20 people on the island at one time and have to pay more tier. The reason for the extra tier has still not fully been explained yet. In the 3rd quarter of this year Linden Lab will possibly introduce a means to regulate script usage on sims, but its my guess that by then everything will have changed. For all the time i have been in SL Linden Lab have continually mouthed off at Second Life’s scaleability. This clamp down on openspace and regulation of script use and Avatar presence shows all to well that they have hit a wall and are now pulling back.

Anyway, to show the goony defiance against the Hand of Lab we had a party as we often do, and by jove it was a good party. I colaberated with Goony neighbour Richards from Rapscallion. We made a dance floor over rickety old planks bridging the two Homesteads and managed to get a party of nearly 30 people. Just goes to show what ever Linden Lab try to do to spoil our fun, we’ll find the cracks and exploit LOL πŸ™‚


Happy New year, heres to 2009

We’ll i was away for the most part over Christmas and New Year. I came in once or twice to defreeze the island and say hi to people. Had some fun times in the last few weeks reminding me what SL is all about.

Had some amazing snowball fights, got loads and loads of cards and many commented on how great goony island looked all frozen up :).

Today the dreaded change to open space sims happens, but ill blog about that separately. All thats left to say is that im looking forward to this year and hope to have even more fun and explore more ideas in SL with my kool friends.

I have a few big ideas but i think first off is to make some new clothes for my fans :-p

Happy New Year everyone whos a kid avatar in SL!