Steam Hill Old Mine House GONE!!!

Last night i got word of a massive explosion on top of steam hill. I rushed to investigate only to find my grandfathers old Mine House Lab totally destroyed still smoking. A thick fog crawled out of the ruins and as i got close a creature leaped out of the mist at me. I had seen these before, HEADCRABS!!! I quickly ran away to a safe distance and called the help of the Goonies in order to get this infestation under control.

The Old Mine was my Grandfathers research lab, the only building left untouched after the original Eliot Device Explosion that left Goony Island in the shape it is now. I know there are things still burried under ground, my only guess is these Headcrabs burst out from under the Mine House.

Until i’m able to block the hole up again all Goonies are helping to keep them under control.

Goony Adventure – The Search for Space in Uranus

So it all started with Myrtil, yeah she told me all about this great sim where it was all in space. Privateer Space. So i decided at long last to build a space ship to boldly go where no Goonie had gone before……… except for Myrtil ………. and Myrtils friends…..

Well after the HMS USS URANUS was complete i went to Privateer Space only to find it closed and red taped off…. So in the end i and my intrepid goony explorers, Wolfy, Jesper, Rich, Tommy and Max, set forth to find a space sim to fly Uranus.

First place we went to was Battlestar Murcury, a sim devoted to Battlestar Galactica (BSG) Fans. I myself being a big fan was excited to visit the place, but once we were ready to go explore all the flying ships in the fleet we got a rather uninviting shout from someone claiming to be the owner of the sim. She shouted that she was watching us and that kids are not allowed in the sim. So without making to much of a fuss we left disappointed.

So eventually we ended up at a rather spiffing place called ‘Inspire Space Park’. This place was indeed cool….

We all stood with mouths open at the planets floating around. Everyone there was chilling out with the calm music.
We floated about a bit, Danced a bit and Max farted alot…

Then came the moment of truth….

The Goony USS HSM URANUS flew through space with ease between the asteroids and dust clouds…

With the success of of Goonies in space, im sure there will be more adventures in Uranus. If only there was more Space Sim to explore!

Goony Island Meeting

As a lot of you know, RW i lost my job and this has meant Goony Island is under threat of me not being able to pay for the tier each month. So we had a meeting about possibilities and wether or not Goony Island should be saved from extinction.

Had quite a lot of interest in helping keep it going and it was decided that Kris (land baron) would put a special Rent target donation thingy at Nemo. The Super Goonies would do more to watch over the place and make donations each month to help keep the place going as well as maybe hold a party every now and then πŸ™‚

I’d also like to remind everyone that there is a prim limit , and there is about 200 prims left before the sim is full, so please be careful when rezzing large stuff there. It does not help that there is a bug in Second Life that means when a sim is full it starts randomly returning island objects rather than stopping you rez more.

Thanx to everyone who sent me donations for rent, the next 2 months are now already payed for πŸ™‚

Goony Beach Party – and battle

Had a rather spiffing party at Goony Island. This time next to Torley Wood where you could tomb stone off the cliff (means to jump off a cliff into the sea). I had a big twisting waterslide and a giant green inflatable monster.

Later we had a cannon contest which was going to be a fairly civilised affair, until Gemini fired back, then it decended into chaos…… enjoty the video πŸ™‚