Steam Hill Old Mine House GONE!!!

Last night i got word of a massive explosion on top of steam hill. I rushed to investigate only to find my grandfathers old Mine House Lab totally destroyed still smoking. A thick fog crawled out of the ruins and as i got close a creature leaped out of the mist at me. I had … Read moreSteam Hill Old Mine House GONE!!!

Goony Adventure – The Search for Space in Uranus

So it all started with Myrtil, yeah she told me all about this great sim where it was all in space. Privateer Space. So i decided at long last to build a space ship to boldly go where no Goonie had gone before……… except for Myrtil ………. and Myrtils friends….. Well after the HMS USS … Read moreGoony Adventure – The Search for Space in Uranus

Goony Island Meeting

As a lot of you know, RW i lost my job and this has meant Goony Island is under threat of me not being able to pay for the tier each month. So we had a meeting about possibilities and wether or not Goony Island should be saved from extinction. Had quite a lot of … Read moreGoony Island Meeting

Goony Beach Party – and battle

Had a rather spiffing party at Goony Island. This time next to Torley Wood where you could tomb stone off the cliff (means to jump off a cliff into the sea). I had a big twisting waterslide and a giant green inflatable monster. Later we had a cannon contest which was going to be a … Read moreGoony Beach Party – and battle

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