The Future just seems too complicated

Its almost August already, half a year gone and I’m wondering what the second half has in store for me. Im finding it increasingly hard to create new stuff in SL. Things i used to have which made it easy, have since become incompatable with my MAC. Qavimator which i used to use to create animations quick and easy no longer works, and AC3D crashes to much to be of any use anymore in creating sculptys. Ad to this the growing limitations on land such as lack of prim usage and terraform restrictions, it leads to a period of stagnation.

Some people have seen this already, quite a few are IM me saying i should do something new at Goony Island. I’m trying, but all the good ideas take up to many prims. I cant afford a full prim island especially when i could be leaving for a long time end of this year or early next year. SL is no longer self sustainable, i cant make money from my shops to pay for the rent of islands. Also i’m not financially secure RL at the moment so i cant invest the huge amounts of money Linden Lab require to run their ragged services.

When i was a kid in RL i used to draw a lot. But i never kept my stuff, i would either chuck them in the bin or give them away. The method to the madness was to create, throw away move onto the next, improve on the previous, explore and expand, grow and get better. In SL i dont do that anymore. I have no room to grow, no time to explore and dont change anything because people become fond of places how they are. But if people complain that there is nothing new, or dont even think about the places ive built then perhaps it would be best to throw it away….

Back in New Babbage

After the SL5B stuff i decided to finally revisit my homes in New Babbage. It has grown by 2 sims since i was last there and i quickly rememebered why i loved steampunk so much πŸ™‚

I hope to be back properly sometime next month but truth is i might be gone for a few months again, i will find out next week. In the mean time i decided to use my new space navigator 3D mouse to capture my virtual Home Town best i can, a sequel if you wish to my Tour of Babbage video.

I used the kool windlight settings to help get the wonderful brass atmosphere and i used no post production effects.

It would seem that alot of people are really liking this video and if i dont have to go away again, you can be sure that i will be doing more videos in Babbage and Goony island πŸ™‚

One idea id love to do is a goony adventure film :-p, just an idea at the moment.

SL5B – The Residents Loved Childhood Dreams

Well its all over almost. All the drama surrounding the event will be laid to rest for a while (at least until Burning Life). I’ve had many kind words from residents who visited the Dome and had a wonderful experience. Here are just a few of the messages i and rest of the team got during the two weeks of SL5B.

“:) Hello Loki, wonderful exhibit at the SL5B, very creative…….thank you for sharing it.”

“I love love love loved your Storytime Epcot Exhibit at the SL5B. VERY well done. :)”

“I’ve just been through your wonderful exhibit at SL5B. What an joyous, insightful experience! You and your friends have created a fantastic experience. ”

“I almost boycotted SL5B because of the whole child AV refusal debacle. I am so very glad that I didn’t. This truly captures the essense of what being a child here, being a part of this wonderful community, and having a family is all about here in SL. ”

“had a look inside just before everything opened, and it’s simply amazing
hmmm time for me to go… nice meeting you and thanks for a great build (and experience, inside it)”

” Saw your dome at the SL5B.. it’s brilliant.. :D.. wow”

“your Childhood Dreams build at SL5B is wonderful! i’m glad it is here… :)”

“Loki! Your exhibit at SL5B is so amazing! I want to live in it :)”

The messages go on.

I could not be happier with the response i got. I was a bit worried i’d not be able to pull off the idea of a story experience in a dome. I was’nt even sure i could create a dome!. But with help from my friends and the team that formed to help i had nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

Gemini and Kris have expressed interest in placing the dome somewhere permanent, but as yet i had not really thought about what will happen to the dome. It will probably vanish to be left as a fun memory in those who experienced it.

[UPDATE] : im working on having a book published of the exhibit. A childrens book with pictures from the exhibit. Will post an update here once i have found out the quality of the printing. πŸ™‚

Goony Adventure – The light hearted SL5B fly over!

YUP, could not have Sl5B without a Goony Adventure over the many Sims. We started at the SLC Childhood Dreams Dome πŸ™‚ before inadvertedly flying into a black and white film.

After escaping this giant room we made our way South passing through what seemed like a kaleidoscope Storm of wonderful flickering colours. Some of the goonies puked over the side of the ship from dizziness.

We made it through the storm and across perilous Sim boarders before asking a pink elephant for directions to any parties that might be going on.

Realising that the Elephant was just a bunch of prims that could not speak, we decided to head for the main stage. We travelled over miles of boring uninteresting rushed exhibits, pausing briefly to look at the statue of David who had no nipples. We arrived at the main stage to find it empty. Hmmm, where could everyone be?

Finally we saw on the map a huge party up north so i released all pressure in the Icarus engine and made way to the gathering of green dots. We found the sim full and impossible to cross into, but persistence paid off and the Icarus Air Ship finally pushed through.

We scaled a giant structure similar i guess to the Sydney Opera House and while traveling around the back we suddenly realised we had gate crashed one of Linden Labs precious Business/Education seminars. Us being kids quickly flew away not wanting to hear about education, YUK! and because some residents were looking at us suspiciously as if wondering if we were griefers! :-p So we all waved and shouted the goony motto before steaming away…..

All in all, not to bad an adventure…..