Goony Adventure – Search for the evil giant HEADCRABS!!

Im my quest to find new interesting pets for Nemo beach i had found myself down a dirty dark drain pipe accompanied by goonies Myrtil, Mickie and Domi…..

Climbing down a rope we found an entrance to what could only be CERTAIN DOOM as danger signs covered the walls….

But i really wanted to see these headcrab things so we carried on into the tunnels, sticking close together and domi arming himself with the biggest gun he could find in his pocket…

At the end f the tunnel was a large room with a wyrd looking can in the middle. Suddenly i was jumped upon by these nasty crabby things of nastyness!!!!

Luckily Mickie, Domi and Myrtil came to my rescue shooting the goondocks out of the crabs. After a while it became apparent we could not hold them off for ever so we made a hasty retreat back down the tunnel and out into a cave….

Climbing a ladder we emerged from a grave tomb into the daylight of the town square safe at last. In the end i bought some pigeons.

Nemo Beach t Goony Island video

So its all done and dusted. The place is moved and everyone is playing there. I said in my speech at the party that I had no idea Nemo beach would become home to so many. It is a wonderful heartwarming thing to have created such a place loved by so many. Here is a video to describe what it is to those who’ve never been to Nemo Beach.

Some are asking why i used such a sad sounding tune. The song is by the cinematic orchestra and called “build a home”. When i first heard this song last year it made me think about what i have built and the community that seeks refuge there from all the anti-kid sentiments. It made me think how the island has become more important than me, a place for regaining lost innocence, to escape the real world and return to those days of simple friendships, long summers and digging for burried treasures…..

There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills…
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust..
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home…….

And I built a home
for you
for me

Until it disappears
from me
from you

And now, it’s time to leave and turn to dust…….

The Goony Island Openday Party

Was an amazing day of partying and fun here at the New Goony Island. Thanx to everyone who got involved and came along. DJ’s from the vortex supplied us with live sessions from the vortex to Nemo Beach and i played a 1 our set after giving a boring speech, blinded by spotlights put out by someone. As you can see by the pictures the place really filled up with party kids to the point that the Sim actually crashed and restarted. But this did not stop the party and we just picked up where we left off πŸ™‚

There was even a Goony Initiation where a hopeful Goony had to dance with a zombie hehe, well done that boy πŸ™‚
All in all a very fun day and the celebrating carried on well after i had left to go sleep. Below there is a very short vid of the party at an early stage…….


So today is the day that Goony Island Finally opens to the Public. Yesterday i sat on the new daydream beach with my brother taking a break from the week of moving and building. The New Islands are virtually the same as before, just a tad bigger in places. Not having neighbours is great, FPS is up and the open expanse of water allows the mind to calm.

The Hawkins Bay residents have all moved in already leaving a signpost at Sunrise to say they have moved:)….

And all day yesterday campers waited patiently for the Sim to finally open…..

So now its open to exploration and fun, hope you all enjoy it as much as you did in Sunrise Sim. There will be a partying throughout the day to celebrate, and competitions and freebies.

I Myself will be moving the final bits and bobs from Sunrise today, then next week i will be clearing up the Sunrise Location. I’ve many years of fond memories at Sunrise SIm and will miss it.


YUp work on the new location for my islands which include Nemo Beach is almost finished. This Friday i will be opening the doors to allow everyone into the new Goony Island Sim to explore. Alot of things you will find the same, but there are a few little differences which i hope you will enjoy finding.

To celebrate there will be a Goony party at 2pm SLT onwards and a special collection of FREE Goony Island t-shirts.