SLC Learning Tree

Well first project back in SL was to create an update to the SLC Youth Centre for the SL Childrens Group. I was a little worried wether i could pull of this rather spiffing idea i’d had other christmas to build a tree house. I wanted to make sumfin a bit more fun that inspired fun and exploration. I was very pleased with the result and the tree itself looked rather shiny with great leaves and sculpty branches, thanks to all those who helped me with textures and advice.

The SLC Learning Tree can be found at Guardian Island


So yep, last night i DJ’d at the Vortex for the first time since New Year. It was great to see everyone who turned up to pack the Vortex. The amount of people who would say “wow, packed” as they entered :). Im taking things easy though for the time being, so im DJ’ing every 2 weeks, sharing the time slot with Felixe.

[UPDATE] heres a video ….

Had a great time as always…

Loop a loop

Over in the UK they have an advert with a really cool dreamy creamy tune on it. Has the Lyrics “i wonna start again, be a kid again”

you can download it for free as part of their promotion HERE!