Wyrd thing on the beach!

Ok i have a date set for my eventual return to SL. I have been in and out on occasion to make sure Nemo beach is ok. On my last visit i found an interesting folly on the beach created from many different visitors. not Sure what it it is he he.

Anyway, March the 7th is when i should be able to get back in and start on new exciting projects, though i do plan at first to just chill out and catch up on what everyones been up to. Go to parties, hang out at kool new places, and go on some boating expeditions,. Your all welcome to join me of course 🙂

“There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.”

Waiting game

Its hard being away for so long I still get all the notices from SL of what people are buying, that people are sending me stuff, and random bits of info on whats going on. But its frustrating that i cant hang out and be with my friends. I pop in for 15 minutes a day to see my brother but im unable to go on adventures, build new things or maintain what i already have in SL.
One of the unfortunate happenings was the dissapearance of the SLC youth centre. That will be the first thing i’ll wonna work on when i get back..
But when will that be?? it all depends on hardware. My typist needs to get his hands on a spiffing new Macbook Pro, but with rumours rampant about new models coming out this month he has held off getting one.
It looks like March will be the month i return to Nemo Beach. So fingers cross everything will be ok.