Loki is still around – spread the word!

Ok so its only been two weeks but it feels like months. I get into SL occasionally to make sure payments are up to speed. Anshe Chung has decided to change the way rent is paid on the Dreamland in that i no longer have the comfort of Paypal subscriptions. This means i have to … Read moreLoki is still around – spread the word!

Phillip loosing it

Sometimes the cutter rag comes up with a funny thing or two that aint about bashing any particular SL community…. I saw this and thought it was very funny…

Important message from Loki

A lot of you may have started to notice i’ve not been in SL for a while. Might seem out of character since i recently talked about al the stuff i wanted to do in SL this year. But sometimes real world comes along and bites you in the butt meaning even escape to SL … Read moreImportant message from Loki

Happy new 2008!

Well ive taken a rather large break, a couple of days not being in SL witch must be freaking out quite a few who i had not told i’d be away so long :-p. Its a break ive needed for quite some time and has cleared my head as i untangle my many life projects … Read moreHappy new 2008!

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