Goonies VS seperatists Snowball fight

In the run up to Christmas here at Goony Island there are a few things ive set up to give a christmassy feel. as usually the centre of the goony isles is frozen for ice skating. But also on top of a huge crystal palace sits Egnog the christmas troll. He is a creation by … Read moreGoonies VS seperatists Snowball fight

The New Babbage Burning Barrel Race

Being Autumn in New Babbage means lots of celebrations influenced by the oldy worldy places of england. One of these is a burning barrel race. in some of the english villages and towns, it is tradition to race down the street with a burning barrel on your back. Here in Sl its more fun to … Read moreThe New Babbage Burning Barrel Race

Vortex Halloween Special

Had a special Hallows Eve DJ event at the Vortex. Fancey Dress show where many of the guests turned up is some amazing outfits. I myself was a young Hellboy :-p Here are just afew pics of the others… I’m not sure what the Blogger bug is thats making all the pics super big even … Read moreVortex Halloween Special

GOONY Adventure – The Goony Ghost Hunt

Ok so we all met up at Octoberville with our brand new Goony Cams. Unfortunitly the place was so packed we could not move for lag, but the goony spirit prevailed and we eventually got inside the old house. The place was pretty koool, lost of rooms to explore with hidden ghosts and strange noises. … Read moreGOONY Adventure – The Goony Ghost Hunt

Goony Island under threat again…sign

Just when i thought, yeahy can settle down and just build and have fun, up pops our favourate LAB with a real stinger of an issue. The Issue.Jack Linden has decided that those who build places on Openspace Sims are being abusive of what they originally intended them to be. I for one dont think … Read moreGoony Island under threat again…sign

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