Goonies VS seperatists Snowball fight

In the run up to Christmas here at Goony Island there are a few things ive set up to give a christmassy feel.
as usually the centre of the goony isles is frozen for ice skating. But also on top of a huge crystal palace sits Egnog the christmas troll. He is a creation by me and my good friend Wlfric and gives gifts to all who can answer his many riddles.

Also we had a huge snowball fight, the Goonies VS the Seperatists. But it would seem all the seperatists had gone on holiday cos Gemini was on his own at the start. The fight soon degenerated to a FREE FOR ALL fight.

Much fun had by all. This is’nt my best video to date, but it does show a great scene of all the boys lobbing snowballs at each other inside the goony snowball fort :-p. It also shows how well my macbook pro runs SL now since the latest update to the OS.

The New Babbage Burning Barrel Race

Being Autumn in New Babbage means lots of celebrations influenced by the oldy worldy places of england. One of these is a burning barrel race. in some of the english villages and towns, it is tradition to race down the street with a burning barrel on your back. Here in Sl its more fun to try pushing the barrels in Havok4.

I first did a barrel race in New babbage last year, and although most people did not make it to the end of the route, everyone came away with a smile. So again i held the race and more people came to watch, and even more people finished the race.
Jimmy Brannagh won the race easy, but then he had practiced quite alot.

It’s not much different form the pogo stick race, or go kart or what ever else yu can race. The purpose is to get residents together and have a laugh regardless of the lag.

Here is a video of the event which is one of the most memorable of the year so far :)……

Vortex Halloween Special

Had a special Hallows Eve DJ event at the Vortex. Fancey Dress show where many of the guests turned up is some amazing outfits. I myself was a young Hellboy :-p Here are just afew pics of the others…

I’m not sure what the Blogger bug is thats making all the pics super big even when i set them to be small… hope to figure away around the bug soon…

GOONY Adventure – The Goony Ghost Hunt

Ok so we all met up at Octoberville with our brand new Goony Cams. Unfortunitly the place was so packed we could not move for lag, but the goony spirit prevailed and we eventually got inside the old house.

The place was pretty koool, lost of rooms to explore with hidden ghosts and strange noises. By the time we found ourselves back a the front lobby our number had dwindled. No doubt evil gouls n ghosts had picked us off one by one as we had wondered through.

Below are a number of pictures taken by some of the goonies. Does this prove the existence of ghosts???

Goony Island under threat again…sign

Just when i thought, yeahy can settle down and just build and have fun, up pops our favourate LAB with a real stinger of an issue.

The Issue.
Jack Linden has decided that those who build places on Openspace Sims are being abusive of what they originally intended them to be. I for one dont think holding a party on the island once every month is going to cause significant damage to who ever else if using the other 3 openspace sims on the CPU. I thought Goony island has always been unlaggy compared to a lot of fullprim Sims. Anyway because of this apparent miss use of OpenSpace sims by 1000’s of people who bought them Linden Lab has decided to charge us 67% EXTRA a month as well as asking ownership of such sims to return to private Estate Owners AND will be asking troublesome openspace sim owners to reduce the load on their paradise islands.

The Bait & Switch
A lot are seeing this move as a Bait & Switch by Linden Lab. Back in March Linden Lab announced that Prim Usage would go up on Openspace sims. Before then you only had 1875 prims available meaning you could only build a few things, effectively restricting your Openspace to just that, and openspace, with a few trees and stuff. After March 3750 prims became available.

Finally, we are going to increase the prim count for Openspaces. They will become exactly a quarter of the normal 15000 prim limit for a region, so they will be set at 3750 (to date they have been limited to 1875 prims).

I for one used them all to create Goony Island. Actually not all are used, some are left for people to rez boats or planes.

So nearly 8 months down the line and Linden Lab decide that we are using these extra prims to build popular places where people want to go and use, and thats WRONG. But instead of talking to us and helping us to understand the situation and try and help us turn things around, they call us abusive and proceed to punish ALL opensim customers with a price raise.

The question some are asking is how did Linden Lab not know this was going to happen? If they did know why did they not do more to prevent it? and what exactly is the price rise for? this has lead some to believe LL knew all along and just need the extra cash, and this ploy will get them that cash….

Unanswered Questions?
As with most Blog releases there are always unspecified terms leading to unanswered questions. Especially ones like …
What will the exta money do to help you with the way we use our openspace sims?
will we get anything extra for our money, especially those who only use openspace sims for water?
does the new price mean we can ALL now have 60 people on our openspace sims EVERYDAY?

Openspace owners will now be paying more than Quarter of a full sim, meaning LL will be making shit loads of profit on each CPU, unless they spend it on something that will improve the usage somehow?

Destroying Communities
Seeing as Linden Lab have opened their eyes to how Openspace sims are now being used, they are fully aware that communities will fall apart causing a lot of personal anguish between friends who have together bought openspace sims. unable to sell opensims off, having to merge four sims to make a full sim to stand a better chance of selling. Fighting over who owes who what now that LL have changed policies on ownership. I know for instance that my brother and Kris are very stressed over whats happend and uncertain whats to come. i am lucky that i can call these guys very good friends and we will work together to come up with the best solution for all. But other communities that dont have that bond will crumble and crash. People will loose their openspace paradises and loose not just a sim, but everything they have invested into it, time, money and passion.
LL need to be on the case NOW with assurance and insentives for us to pay the extra cash…. give us more prims! give us free t-shirts, or a signed photo of Phillips avatar!

The Protest.
I and everyone i know joined the protests yesterday witch occured at the Linden Welcome area, the Linden Land Centre and the cheap Mainland showcase Nautillus. There was a protest support group which nearly reached 4000 members before being hacked and ruined by some idiot that needs to delete herself.
For the most part the protest was good and informative and helpful. people were supportive of each others concerns. There was one or two whos actions should have been AR’d for acting underage, but generally was a historical event wether or not LL respond or not, it does not matter. It showed a huge force wanting to be heard.

Future of Goony Island
The Price rise means more will need to be donated to keep Goony Island the way it is. If LL come a knocking at my cabin asking me to make changes to how we play and enjoy our second lives at Nemo Beach i will tell them to fuck off