Some of you may have noticed that the NEW RANGE is finally out in my shops. I have been working on it for a while, trying to figure out the best way to present it. When i first came to SL i used to just have product boxes on the walls witch you could buy. Then as SL developed, scripted vendor machines became all the rage and saved valuable prim space. But as Second Life becomes more and more unstable those scripted vendors have become buggy and fail to deliver. So i have gone back to putting product boxes on the walls. This should be more reliable and also make it easyer for me to quickly update my stuff.

Also OUT NOW is the first LOKI magazine, containing info on my latest range and also some articles about Nemo Beach and Steampunk. You can read it online as a PDF here..
Loki Magazine ONE

Or visit one of my stores in SL for a Virtual Book version.

My stores are located at Legoland shopping mall, InnerChild, Clown Town and the Main store at Nemo Beach!

Hope you had a great christmas, and heres to 2008!!

Well the last year in SL has been an interesting one with plenty of drama and controversy. From the Policy changes enforced by Chadrick Linden (whos now left Linden Lab) to the pointless age verifications. All in all its been a year of madness as the Linden State try to push Secondlife into a small box for investors, businesses and government peers who have no interest in understanding what the metaverse actually is and means to the souls who occupy it.

Heres to hoping that 2008 will bring us support, stability and understanding!