Guy Fawkes Night Fire Works event!

Thanx everyone who attended the Bon fire and fireworks show. It went Spiffingly. The Guy on the raft Burnt well. The fireworks actually launched. Although i had not planned to burn down the Canal Dock. Luckily a fireman from Caledons volunteer firebrigade was there to put out the flames. All in all, a spiffing event. …

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There i was, chatting to me mates when all of a sudden, Godzilla rises from the water to attack the evil giant Hydra! Well i can tell you we all were a bit miffed by this intrusion, but what can yu do when two giant lizards decide to battle it out on your campfire!??… We …


New Range almost here

Somehow amongst the events and builds im doing, im still beavering away at a new range of product for you lot to collect. There will be new backpacks, shirts, hover bikes, and even my rubbish attempt at prim hair. Im also working on a new type of AV…. heres a sneak peak!

Halloween Burning Barrel race and Carousel

For halloween i spent most of my time building for New Babbage. The Dark Victorian Steampunk sim was perfect for the ideas i had for a Tim Burton style story about a boy who was turned into and adult and built a carousel to turn him back. Part of the tale was ripped straight from …

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