Koffee SQUISHED by giant bean stalk!!!

Yesterday i decided to chop down the bean stalk, to many kids had been up there and got eaten by evil things. So i hacked the dam thing down not looking at who was on the beach and before you could say “KOFFEE YOU MORON LOOK OUT!!” it had crashed down on poor Koffeekid splattering … Read moreKoffee SQUISHED by giant bean stalk!!!

The Absinthe party at new babbage

Held an official opening party at New Babbage friday night. Many arrived which was pleasing, although lag set in and caused many i think to cut the visit short. Some stuck around and discovered new clues to the murder mystery. Thanx to all those who contributed to the gallery, i love the art, its well … Read moreThe Absinthe party at new babbage

Loki and the Bean Stalk

So there i was minding my own busyness, when and old wrinkly Linden came up to me and gave me some Beans.“They are magic beans Loki boy, a brand new feature added to your secondlife, may they give you much joy”I looked at the Linden “Yeh right, another rubbish new feature, why not just fix … Read moreLoki and the Bean Stalk

Goony Adventure – The forrest

I got a group together to visit a new sim with the most amazing trees ever, they even had wonderful animated shadows…. Straylight the waterfalls were also very kool…. but the best bit was the wonderful beams of light that gave you that golden hour moment im so fond of. We all walked about oohing … Read moreGoony Adventure – The forrest

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