Goony Adventure – Land of the Greenies

So we set forth on another adventure, this time to the Greenies Sim. I cant express how kool this place was. I had seen some of the Greenies at SL4B and saw in the insider blog that there was a place devoted to them, so i got a gang together and on our bikes we …

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Loki Absinthe Bar – New Babbage

Went to the local Ne Babbage Town Hall meeting to check out whats going on there and to announce the new Loki Absinthe Bar. Afew of my rag tagalongs followed me there to show support. Though the Mayor did mention to Rod not to leave grafitti on walls, naughty boy :-p. The Absinthe bar is …

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Arrived at Nemo Last week to find a group building a makeshift catapult that with the help of a friend would throw you 300 metres into the air and into the next sim, well good :).

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