News Skys above Nemo Beach!

Todaty the Linden State release a new first look with the new lighting and skys. It REALLY has made a difference to the way SL looks…. just look at these pics from my island…

Goony Adventure Video

Me and some others went on another adventure and found a park being griefed. So e hung out and had a go on the roundabout. Then headed off home… I MADE A VID WOOOO!!!!!


after months battling with real life work and lack of stability in SL i am pleased to announce the new Loki clothing and accessories Range. My Vendors at Nemo beach and Inner Child Depot have both been updated with new shops opening in Clown Town and Lego Land Mall very soon.

Goonies Pirate adventure 25 MAY

So I Captain Eliot of the great ship “SimCrusher” called out for Shipmates to join me on a mission of exploration and lootin. Press ganged into my crew was.Hearty Huppy, Deadly Dusan, Jimmy Me Lad, Terrible Travis, Killer Kellie and a few i forget. We set forth to the south passing the neihbours and entering unknown waters where a huge car factory was. Unfortunitly was not soon before we hit a full sim and had to abandon ship.

We managed to find a place where we could Rez the boat again and set off east toward a small group of green dots. after 4 sims with no troubles at all we hit land, beaching right infront of a group of blokes who turned to see a bunch of boys crash onto the beach shouting HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!.

So after we were ejected from that parcel we once again set off south and it was not long before the boat once again hit a full parcel.

We all managed to swim ashore to a small island that had a strange bird on it. Apon inspection we discovered it had come from anothe island that had HUGE robots on it spinning around.

After playing there for a bit we decided it was time to go home but this time I decided it would be quicker to go by Airship so i ressed the Icarus and we all hopped on.
We managed to get back with minor casulties…. YO HO!