Clown Town has gone through another rebuild. This time though i was allowed to dip my tiny virtual toe in its recreation. I gave a few ideas to owner of CT Olive on usage of some space, and she decided to let me have a go at building a park/social area. I’m a big fan of gathering places with fun things to sit on while talking to friends.

At Clown Town i decided to build a sculpture of a clown complete with spurting water as a fountain. Its an open green area at one end, and a fun ride area down the other end.

Olive seemed very pleased with it and was delighted to see it already attracting the kind of activity Clown Town so needs, pure fun and games… and Melon fights :-p

Lokis Deamon is……..

So im excited about the Steampunktastic Golden Compass comming out end of the year. The official site has a “meet your deamon” section. A deamon is a lfe spirit that follows you around. As a child it changes depending on the childs asperations…. mine is bellow, what yu think?

Please click through the questions to help me find out my deamons true shape 🙂


Opening this week is the Flying Ferret Bar. High above Hawkins bay (around 500m) is my Sky station, a giant steam powered hovering runway. Its open to those who wonna get away from pesky Noobs. The bar has a robotic steamboy who serves drinks which you can then take to the flying swimming pool around the back.


So there we was sat, chilling out, giggling at rubbish jokes, randomly letting off spells, when all of a sudden a huge giant SQUID rose from the water squirting black ink in our faces. needless to say sum of us got hungry. I love squid rings!

Vortex still a great place to Party

Been going here two year now, its like a second home. Every thursday night at 2pm SL time i put on the DJ loki Show. Sometimes its the only time i get to see my friends and have a proper chat :).