Loki goes to the Music Lounge

So after reading the Blingsider i went to take a look at the Lounge a new SL rip off. As yu can see by my pics i was able to re create my Loki Look ok. From what i experienced, its the club side of Sl and that all. Yu make an Av and go … Read moreLoki goes to the Music Lounge

RIP Jeremy

I arrived at my Island a few days ago to discover a big stature resembling my mate Jeremy. After asking wot the frak was going on the others explained that they had been on an expedition to invade new places and new civilisations to boldy go where… then Jeremy died.“OMG!!!!” i thought. Then Jeremy said, … Read moreRIP Jeremy


Suddenly without warning a GIANT cube appeared at Hawkins bay dominating the view. A couple of us went to investigate (as goonies do) and found an entrance. On entering we discoverd great walls, and many steps leading up down, and sideways. We found some chairs but before we could si down the whole place shifted … Read moreTHE CUBE !!!!

One of my favourate shows ended :(

Stargate SG1 aired its final episode this week. 10 years of watching the characters fight galactic badguys…. will miss em…STILL was agreat excuse to have a stargate themed Vortex DJ session. I arrived late due in part to the clocks in the US of A forward an hour and becos Linden Labs pulled down the … Read moreOne of my favourate shows ended 🙁

Its ME!!!

My mac got updated yesterday so i tested out the new drivrs , low and behold, its working alot better now… Blimey! anyway i spent a few minutes looking at myself in a mirror and recorded it, and here it is, me looking SPIFFING! 😀 Also googled my name today and found Arriannas Blog, check … Read moreIts ME!!!

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