Well the vortex is still going strong. Every week i DJ to a large crowed, so much fun, so many kool people. Thanx to everyone who comes every thursday at 2pm SL time 🙂 :-p Infact two weeks ago the vortex packed out the sim with people having to be turned away… SPIFFING! lets do … Read moreThe VORTEX GOING STRONG!

The Icarus Class Airship

Finally found some tme to build my own Aiship. As alot of you know im a big steampunk fan and ever since i first arrived in SL ive wanted to make my own Airship. So here it is, the Icarus Class Airship, complete with one click passanger posses on the front and sides for best … Read moreThe Icarus Class Airship

Nemo and Hawkins bay, Spiffing place to be :)

recent weeks ive noticed ther is always someone at Nemo, this is Kool, im glad alot of you use the place as a home away from home :). I’ve arrived to full on beach parties and there is often sumone roasting sumfin on the beach fire 🙂 I used to have the island as a … Read moreNemo and Hawkins bay, Spiffing place to be 🙂

Old Imperial Hideout Party!!

SO the party kicked off as planned and i was suprised with he ammount that trurned up, very cool, thank you all :). The muster started down in the actual theatre as no one really knew where the hide out was or how to get there. Once i thought we was all there i guided … Read moreOld Imperial Hideout Party!!

A view on Kid AV community

This Is the Views of myself on a situation that i feel has gotten out of hand and threatens to hurt my friends in secondlife. This is not the collected views of the SLC officers, this is my concern for my friends in the community i call home in SL. First off….You all know that … Read moreA view on Kid AV community

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