PARAGRAPH 1 Every player has the right to be a frog

PARAGRAPH 1 Every player has the right to be a frog. PARAGRAPH 2 Should the system the player is on fail to implement the “being frog” functionality, the player has a right to pretend he/she/it/Garlic is a frog. PARAGRAPH 3 If a player does not exercise the right to be a frog, or to pretend to be one, other players have a right to pretend it/she/Garlic/he is a frog.

The Empire Theatre

Dont worry im not gone, im just very busy at th emoment. STill working on the Steampunk Abbandond Theatre called the “Imperial Theatre” Most of the stuff is finished, im just working on the secret pickpockets hide outin the loft. Im really pleased with how the textures have come out. I’ve been trying to campture the darkness of the industrial age. Here are some sneak peeks to wet yur apitite, but i will be holding a special opening party for everyone when its finished and ready to be used πŸ˜›

The Steampunk connection

Started work on a new project in the New Babbage Steam punk Sim. It will all connect in some way with the Crater Islands :-), this means i wont be about much for a while.

The Deadly Prim Wig

I read about the Prim Wig on SL Insider and decided to go see it…. Apparently if anyone touches the hair they DIE!!!!! or at least the viewr crashes. Even the lindens cant get rid of it or know who made it…. strange!!/… Heres a big of me standing next to CERTAIN DEATH!!!!!


Early Sunday morning a eagle eyed kid pointd out to me bubbles appearing from the centre of the open water space In Loki Crater Islands. As the Name suggests The islands are the remains of a large volcano which used to be on Chiefs Island. The volcano erupted blowing up and creating the circle of islands yu see now.

Anyway, later on in the day the bubbles had turned into full on steam which caught the interest of many adventurous kids visiting Nemo beach.

At around 12am SL time curious young divers discovered burried under the sand deep down a metal object. Another 3 or 4 hours later and suddenly a loud noise was heard, some mistaking it for a new Fog horn placed in the Light house.

At around 2pm a massive tripod of metal rose from the water shreaking a loud horn sound to the suprise of a group of boys who were on steam hill shooting zombies. For the next hour the Tripod shon its beam across the crater islands while the boys fired all they had in the form of machine guns, blasters, black holes and nukes untill finally the tripod collapsed crashing into the Goony Fort.

Once again the Crater Islands are safe thanx to the brave kids who visit it everyday πŸ™‚