Some of you may have noticed that the NEW RANGE is finally out in my shops. I have been working on it for a while, trying to figure out the best way to present it. When i first came to SL i used to just have product boxes on the walls witch you could buy. … Read moreLOKI NEW RANGE OUT NEW RANGE OUT NEW RANGE OUT!

Hope you had a great christmas, and heres to 2008!!

Well the last year in SL has been an interesting one with plenty of drama and controversy. From the Policy changes enforced by Chadrick Linden (whos now left Linden Lab) to the pointless age verifications. All in all its been a year of madness as the Linden State try to push Secondlife into a small … Read moreHope you had a great christmas, and heres to 2008!!

Nemo Beach Moving?????

Yesterday i had a meeting with many regular visitors of Nemo Beach to discuss the posseblility of moving the place to a new private sim shared with my brother Gemini and long time SL kid Kris. Under discussion was how it might be moved with as little distruption and change as possible. Also good and … Read moreNemo Beach Moving?????

Setting out from Port Babbage

With windlight in hand i ventured out across the new Vernian sea to see what lay out there amongst the waves The sun was rising beautifully over Babbage Canal District as i left the port and headed towards the giant light house… In the distance i could see the light house still blazing its beams … Read moreSetting out from Port Babbage

Held Hostage by a DOG!

So i was working on my new vendors in the Absinthe Cafe in New Babbage when all of a sudden i heard a growl behind me. Upon turning i saw a wild brown nasty sharp toothed dog that obviously wanted to eat me. But me being all smart and kool quickly climbed onto the bar … Read moreHeld Hostage by a DOG!

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