The Thing!

I was telling Gemini about a youtube that showed a bottleneck of new residents being born and how scary it looked as they piled into the lil start island. So many are signing up its just overwhelming the grid. Gemini then showed me a pic he took a few days ago after the grid went … Read moreThe Thing!

Copybot Tuesday

Oh my lord wot a week…..Ive been trying to get my new range ready for release end of week but all of a sudden Secondlife has its own 9/11 in the form of COPYBOT!!!!!!! This Bot copys anything attached to a person, the entire thing, clothes attachments boy and skin…. This freaked everyone out and … Read moreCopybot Tuesday


so yup its happend its officially open… A few of the more notoreous Kids turned up and there was a few that i had never met which was nice. i gave a long speechand for those that missed my LONG speech and wonna hear it…. Even though the lag from the recent update made … Read moreNew SLC GRAND OPENING!


So its hallows eve again in Secondlife. It seems that Halloween is celebrated as much as christmas in Secondlife with most places full off Pumpkin prims, i even had ghosts moaning in the goonies clubhouse.Did a special hallows eve DJ session at the Vortex which was great as it was quite packed with people wearing … Read moreHAPPY HALLOWS EVE!!!!

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