Pirate Party GARHHH!!!!

So we finally had another Pirate party at my islands. I set up a GHost for everyone to party on, looked quite kool. Lots a people came. There was lots of Mead and i rezzed a kool pirate baloon to fly over the clubhouse, but it later fell over crushing the clubhouse DOH!!. My little brother …

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Back to School DJ Session was SPIFFING!

last night i DJ’d at the Vortex again. Decided to try sumfin new and had a themed evening and also did my first live speaking dj’ing which Gemini’s been buggin me to do for ages. The theme was back to skool and i decided to give away my Skool uniform for free. Was a great night, …

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SLC Scultpture

To help Gemini out and for all my friends to hang around i built a sculpture for the SLC. I hope it wiil be a meeting place for all the kids in SL and hope promote the SLC group.

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