Poo of an update

well the new update was a total waist of time for mac users. There are two serious bugs effecting SL, one is that mac uses on OSX previous to Tiger cant even log in. The second is when you rotate the cam the whole world freeezess. So pretty much unusable at the moment. Still managed … Read morePoo of an update

Take it Easy

A small break as the 1.10 update aproaches with its floppyness and radiant lighting. With all the shops moving about, DJ’ing and island building, i’ve hardly had a chance to hang out with my dearest friends in SL, Gemini, Redwolf, Austin and Edgar to name a few. I have also heard that i’m supposed to … Read moreTake it Easy

Being a kid in Secondlife

After all that had happend about Kids AVs and the CNET news report on child abuse in SL, me and Gemini thought it would be a good idea to send out an awareness notecard. It would highlight the concerns about Kids AV’s and give some tips for newbies on good pointers of how to behave … Read moreBeing a kid in Secondlife

Shop woes

Just when i thought all me shops were sorted and i would not have to worry about em for a bit, the West Indies trading island where my main shop is decides to remodel. This means all me stuff gets returned to me and i have to put it back in a shop that probably … Read moreShop woes

New Goony Club House

Been working hard on the new Goonies Club house. It was decided that since so many friends and visitors now appear on Loki Island, that a better place was needed to hang out. Rather than fitting everyone into my lil island cabin, i built a large club house filled with big tables and Goonies memorobillia. … Read moreNew Goony Club House

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