Poo of an update

well the new update was a total waist of time for mac users. There are two serious bugs effecting SL, one is that mac uses on OSX previous to Tiger cant even log in. The second is when you rotate the cam the whole world freeezess. So pretty much unusable at the moment. Still managed to DJ at teh vortex though.

Take it Easy

A small break as the 1.10 update aproaches with its floppyness and radiant lighting. With all the shops moving about, DJ’ing and island building, i’ve hardly had a chance to hang out with my dearest friends in SL, Gemini, Redwolf, Austin and Edgar to name a few. I have also heard that i’m supposed to be quite a figurehead in SL in regards to Kid Av’s, wether this is a good or bad thing i’ll have to wait and see…. so i had a lil brealk yestaday with Edgar, sat in the club house chatting.

Now the updte has been released, its on with the creation of the summer range.

Being a kid in Secondlife

After all that had happend about Kids AVs and the CNET news report on child abuse in SL, me and Gemini thought it would be a good idea to send out an awareness notecard. It would highlight the concerns about Kids AV’s and give some tips for newbies on good pointers of how to behave in SL less they wonna keep out of trouble.

The notecard was as follows,

“Being a Kid In Second Life

by Loki

This is a notecard to be passed between all friends who live their second lives as Kid AV’s in SL.

Since arriving in Secondlife i have tried many aspects of living as a kid in SL. I’ve learnt that even though Second Life opens up endless possibilities to explore things that would not be possible in the real world, common sense and respect for others moralistic views and beliefs should still be considered.

There has recently been attacks on some of my friends who have been accused of being involved with certain activities. Although the allegations were untrue it was a powerful example of how some people can cause so much trouble and discomfort by shouting the word CHILD ABUSE. Legally nothing is wrong, there are no children in SL and there is no abuse and Linden know this. But saying that, Linden still get grief from Idiots who want to ban Child AV’s.

Because of this I ask you to be a little more considerate of what you do with you Secondlife as a Kid AV. We are not really kids so its easy to get carried away with another resident you become very fond of.

1, respect other residents view of you. they see you as a kid, and may freak out seeing a kid indulge in adult activities.

2. Groups promoting “ageplaying” what ever you perceive the meaning to be will be a target for anti ChildAV campaigns.

3. Places designed for indulging in Kid AV adult activities is a real dumb idea, especially if you promote it in classifieds

4. By being a kid in SL you are joining the Kid AV community, and therefore what you do in SL reflects on all of us. We dont want to be branded as Sickos just because a few Kid AV’s got front page news on sum shitty CNET article.

These are NOT rules, im just informing you of the current situation in SL regarding Kid AV’s and suggesting some ways to make it easier for ourselves and Linden.
Hope you all have a fun time in SL, take care of each other….”

So far everyone has responded well saying that it was a good thing to discuss and take note of. I hope it makes the Kid AV community stronger and more aware of the current issues involved with being a Kid in SL.

Shop woes

Just when i thought all me shops were sorted and i would not have to worry about em for a bit, the West Indies trading island where my main shop is decides to remodel. This means all me stuff gets returned to me and i have to put it back in a shop that probably will look worst. Its the BAIN of all shop renters. I used to have a shop at the Garden of Eden shopping Mall, but the owner kept remodelling almost everyweek so i though fuk that and left without getting me money back. I also used to have a shop at Clown Town, that got remodeled, then they hiked the price up and i refused to pay and left.

Anyway, now that i have a main store on my own land at the Goonies Clubhouse, i’ll at least have one shop that i dont have to worry about.

Had a great party last friday. Many visited and after me and a couple of others spent the aftermath on the beach just chatting… was indeed a sweet night….

New Goony Club House

Been working hard on the new Goonies Club house. It was decided that since so many friends and visitors now appear on Loki Island, that a better place was needed to hang out. Rather than fitting everyone into my lil island cabin, i built a large club house filled with big tables and Goonies memorobillia. It also houses my newest shop.

Its not quite finished yet, but i hope it’ll be a great meeting place for the Goonies and their friends.