The 2017 New Babbage Burning Barrel Race

When you replay a video game the experience is usually somewhat the same, same characters, same environment and same story. In a virtual world such as Second Life nothing is ever the same. This year i set out to plan the decades old annual event only to discover things had changed a lot. Since the … Read moreThe 2017 New Babbage Burning Barrel Race

Pagan Traditions in Virtual Space

Eight years ago in the newly born steampunk city of New Babbage we did an experiment. An event was held to bring the fresh VR steampunk community together and get to know each other. Eight years later we are still holding the same event like some folk tradition started by the founders. The event is … Read morePagan Traditions in Virtual Space

Returning to freeform Role-play

In 2011 a group of Second Life role-players watched as an entire pumping facility collapsed around them in the Steampunk city of New Babbage. So ended a story that had started in 2006 and evolved in to this monster of story telling, scripted HUD’s, machinema and clue hunting. It all started fairly simple and random. … Read moreReturning to freeform Role-play

A return to New Babbage – Comparing #SL 2008 – 2014

Back in 2008 i did a video showing off what the residents of New Babbage had accomplished. It was picked up by the web site Boing Boing and almost went viral.. well, it was the most views of any video i had done before. And last comment posted in 2008 is “Good gravy… I was … Read moreA return to New Babbage – Comparing #SL 2008 – 2014

Creating the Cobblestone Workhouse

Over a year ago i started to rebuild three places i have in the Steampunk City of New Babbage. Starting with the Imperial Theatre which has been there since the first time New Babbage appeared in 2006. The second was the Absinthe Cafe which i completed last spring. Now i have completed the third build … Read moreCreating the Cobblestone Workhouse

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