Available from Loki this crazy Christmas week!

Finally released some items in time for the Christmas Holidays. Maybe one or two will catch you eye and help enhance your festive spirit in Second Life!

Timerascal Dodger TopHats – Christmas Edition

Timerascal Bakerboy Cap – Christmas Edition

Timerascal Snow Gauntlets

Timerascal Brass Goggles 4.0

Timerascal Aviation Goggles

Timerascal Paupers Christmas Tree pack

• Timerascal Christmas Brooches – BellsHorn

Timerascal Snow Shoes

Escapades Instants – Winter Sleigh / Sledge

Escapades Instants – Snow Mobile

• Loki Kids Parka coat – MulticolourNostalgicBaycity

PSVR Headset

• Loki Bobblehat

Loki Kids Christmas Jumpers


Why not visit the Inworld Loki Tree of Christmas! >> HERE

Survey Results, Costumes & my first SMB clothes.

So a few weeks ago i wrote about how hard i still found it to create clothes in SL for my niche market of Kid Avatars. I decided to create a survey to try and make sense of what was going on and some of the results were quite surprising.


It’s apparent that the old fashioned word of mouth and landmark sharing is still the best way to spread word. I was also quite surprised to see so many stumbled upon my store via the mini stores in world.



It was also interesting to see a majority of users prefer to buy inworld than from marketplace.



So a large amount of users, the majority in fact felt my clothes fit ‘well enough’ but not ‘very well’. Does this mean a majority of users put up with clothes that don’t quite fit? is this something SL users have grown to put up with or is this just my terrible fitting clothing?



This possibly reflects Second Life as a whole. While we seem to get a few new users entering the Kid community the majority of users are already here. Creating for new users is a bit of a waste of time and perhaps risky if such efforts hurt long time users.


This was the most important question of all. Support established Mesh Avatars is great and surprisingly equal with Classic, Toddleedoo and SMB avatars all wanting to be supported.



The New Halloween Costumes with SMB support.

So with the survey results in mind i set out to create new costumes for halloween replacing the old V2 costumes from three years ago. These costumes of course come packed with the usual V4 features of built in menus for swapping between textures and the wet mode that makes your clothes appear wet in water.

But the biggest change is that i no longer supply a size for adult males or breast versions for females. The survey suggested not enough people were using them to make the time and effort worth while making them. Instead i created a new shape specifically for SMB avatars.

SMB or ‘Super Mesh Bros’ was one of the first mesh child avatars shapes to appear on the SL market and now has a rather large following. The SMB shape is a modified version of the SL classic shape which means that Classic kid avatars and SMB avatars can use the same clothes. So with the addition of SMB and the removal of Adult male and female shapes, each Costume pack will come with only three sizes.

• Loki Avatar – Big Bro

• Loki Avatar – lil kid

• SMB/Classic avatars

How well these costumes and the new sizes are received will determine wether i enact the same changes to my other V4 Clothing range.


Looking forward.

The survey gave me a clearer picture of how the Kid Avatar community is using mesh avatars and what they want to see from me in future. I would also like to make clothes for another kid Mesh Avatar called Toddleedoo, but so far have been unsuccessful in getting base shapes to work from.

Creating an avatar is more complex than ever, but I’m confident that i can support the majority of my community.

Making clothing isn’t getting easier for me. [UPDATED]

One of the many jobs i have to undertake as a content creator in Second Life is managing marketplace and inworld stores. It’s not just a simple case of boxing an item and slapping a product image on. Consideration of how the items are presented to potential customers is important as is how the end user will unpack and wear items.

With the move into Mesh Avatars while continuing to support classic avatars i’ve somewhat placed myself in a very tiresome difficult position.

In the old days of the grid a t-shirt was a simple texture placed over the old bumpy spike squished classic avatar body. Now we have mesh and regardless of what is said about ‘fitted mesh’ we still have no way to make mesh clothing fit everyone and In my mind it is impossible without Linden Lab having to create a completely new avatar system. But I’m not really bothered by that. I have made myself a mesh body which I’m quite happy with, the problem comes from how I’ve ended up categorising and organising the sizes of clothing i sell.

When Mesh first arrived on the grid i made a T-shirt and quickly found rigged mesh did not follow the deformation of the avatar and that i’d have to make different sizes for Adult avatars and young kid avatars as well as my own mid sized avatar. So thats how i did it, i sold packs of three sizes. Other creators were doing the same and for female avatars a common shape size was created and stuck to.

These days I’m creating packs of six sizes of clothes in order to try and fit as many users avatars as possible and I’m still getting some people requesting i make bigger or smaller sizes and support for specific mesh avatars. Each new version of my clothes makes some users happy while making other users unhappy. It is beginning to feel out of control. I want my stuff to fit everyone but i can’t do that, i would have to create mesh model clothes for every possible change of the Deformer edit sliders. Everything i make is hit or miss on wether they will fit peoples avatars and in most cases users will have to adjust their avatar to fit my clothes instead of the other way around, thats just how it is.


Making serious decisions

I decided recently to rebuild my store. While the current one is quite snazzy and fun i want to make it more simple, even less Land Impact and include more of my range of products from clothes to beach cabins and games. But once i started looking into how i presented my clothing i realised its a confusing mess, bundling Loki Mesh Avatar clothes along with different sized classic avatar clothes.

So i’ve been considering splitting the packs into their own areas. Area for Loki Mesh Avatar clothing, and area for perhaps Toddleeedoo Mesh Avatars, an area for classic Kid avatars and an Area for Adult sized Clothes. While this makes it easier for users to find clothes created specifically for them, it becomes an even greater nightmare for me. Suddenly i have a lot more stuff on display, often the same shirt design just on different models. Not to mention the fact i have to go and re-list all my Marketplace items which will quadruple in size.

Nothing stays the same in SL, it’s always changing. Mesh was disruptive of the clothing game, it made it more specialised and now Mesh avatars have disrupted things again for me and i need to figure out how to play it in a way that isn’t so much work for me while being simpler for the user.


I’ve decided to create a Survey in the hope of gaining some feedback on items they have bought from me 🙂 Please take the survey and help me make the right decisions 🙂

Escapades Instants: Instant Fun for SL land owners

As a land owner you want control over what visitors can rez. To often you end up returning lots of trash left behind like the odd condo, but you don’t really want to stop people from rezzing stuff and having fun? Well thats were my Escapades Instants come into play. 

Escapades Instants are a range of rezzers that allow anyone to click and rez a fun temporary vehicle. These are toys i created over the past 4 years for my Island Anniversary parties and are meant to bring instant fun.


The Mini Tug Boats: These little tug boats are cute and were the first racing vehicles i built for escapades. The Barrel will rez a tug of random colour. Perfect for those little water spaces.


The Steam Shopping Trollies: Randomly rezzes from three different paint jobs. These trollys actually seat two people for high speed shopping trolly action. Great for urban street fun.


The Extreme Whales: These big friendly whales love giving new friends rides around the coasts of the the Grid. Perfect for slow moving calm adventures.


The Dodgem Cars: Classic 80s style speeding dodgem cars that fall apart as you bump into your friends. When together in a gang of friends these dodgems will leave you with tears in your eyes from laughing to hard.


Surfing Squid: With planks strapped to their backs, these giant squid can be great fun on the virtual waves.

Each Escapades Instants pack also comes with check point banner for those who wish to hold races at events. Great for just placing on your land and adding that extra bit of instant fun for your visitors.


Xiasumi School Festival: Uniforms & Arcades Machines

So yes i’m one of the designers at this years Xiasumi School Festival. After finishing my Mesh Avatar it was inevitable that i would at some point make V4 school uniforms.

Gakuren School Uniform

Xiasumi School Fest gave me an opportunity to make and showcase new uniforms and after a suggestion from my friend Pokute i decided to make a Japanese style Gakuren uniform in theme with the Xiasumi School.


The Gakuren Jacket comes with everything built into one top. Click the back to get a menu and select wether to wear the jacket closed, open, with shirt buttoned up or open, or without the Jacket, long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt. No more will you have to browse inventory for the look of the moment.


This has to be one of my best clothes yet. Not only was i pleased with the material mapping, but the shape and features that allow you to customise how you wear the uniform on the fly is my best yet. Im already working on a western style uniform that i hope to have on sale next week.


Retro Arcade Table

Another idea Pokute gave me was to make an arcade machine to go with the club theme i chose. So i went ahead and made a retro arcade table. Modelling in blender was pretty easy and quick, as was adding the textures. Material Mapping the Carbon Fibre casing and the Glass top made for some very nice detailing.


The real work came when i scripted the arcade to make authentic sounds and animations. Like most things i make, i wanted it to be more than just a static object. I wanted to make it so when you sat at the table it played the game animation and music. This took me and my friend Wulfric quite a while to figure out due to how SL handles sounds.


Two can sit at the arcade, great for moments when you need a chat. Also can choose between 5 games to display, each with their own authentic sounds when Fidel and when playing.

arcade4 arcade2

Lokis Retro Arcade Table
by lokieliot
on Sketchfab

Some have already asked why i could not simply add flash games to the machine and the answer simply is because SL’s webkit is crap and Mac users can’t view flash video because of that. If Linden Lab ever update the web plugin, perhaps then i can make arcade machines that actually play proper games via flash, HTML5 or javascript.

Both the uniforms, Arcade Table and other items are available from today in my classroom at the Xiasumi School Festival on the GAME/COMPUTER club area. You can try out the Arcade table there. 🙂