Goony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

I only blog about the goony adventures that impress. For those who aren’t familiar the Goony Adventures are every last friday of the month and consists of my friends gathering to go somewhere new to explore. Sometimes places end up being glorified shopping malls, some places are real small boring places. Occasionally though we find … Read moreGoony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

The Escapades Island 2nd Anniversary Weekend #SL

There is a new term that i am starting to use to describe time in Second Life, ‘Before Escapades’ and After ‘Goony Island’. For four years starting from Sunrise Sim with Anshichung, to then Goony Island on a homestead so much had happened. Then we upgraded to Escapades Island full sim and everything changed in … Read moreThe Escapades Island 2nd Anniversary Weekend #SL

Goonys visit the Linden Realms #SL #Slgames

So i finally got round to visiting the Linden Realms game and wow.  Straight away I’m hit with ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT!???” Over the last year i have battled with the limitations of second life when making basic gaming experiences that are familiar to those from proper games. Other than the basic cause and … Read moreGoonys visit the Linden Realms #SL #Slgames

Goony Adventures In Second Life #SL

It has been a while since i last posted a Goonies Adventure on my blog, so here is a quick run down of the places we have visited in Second Life in the past view months before i write a special post about Linden Realms…. One of the hardest things i’m having to deal with on … Read moreGoony Adventures In Second Life #SL

Goony Adventure: Bronyville & Liberty Cove [UPDATED]

So for June the Goonies Gathered at the Clubhouse before teleporting to a place thats got a bit of buzz recently for its crazyness. Some of the greatest moments in SL are born from the memes of the net and Bronyville is one of them. I’ve seen a few of my friends pick up a … Read moreGoony Adventure: Bronyville & Liberty Cove [UPDATED]

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