Goony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

I only blog about the goony adventures that impress. For those who aren’t familiar the Goony Adventures are every last friday of the month and consists of my friends gathering to go somewhere new to explore. Sometimes places end up being glorified shopping malls, some places are real small boring places. Occasionally though we find a place that is really immersive and as a group of misfit kids end up having lots of fun exploring.

The first Goony Adventure of 2013 turned out to be really quite kool. The Doomed Ship has been around for sometime yet i had never been there. Everything loaded pretty quick and due to it’s confined claustrophobic atmosphere and being in the sky, frame rates where nice and high even with shadows and projector lights.


Snapshot by Nat or Matt, cant remember :-p but the SLfeed was ablaze of snapshots from my friends. Fun seeing the different perspectives and graphics settings.

One of the interesting gimmicks of the place is the Auto attaching temp rez HUD which adds a new style of camera view as well as overlaying static and new mini map. I was really impressed and i’ll go back to see if i can learn more about how they did it 🙂

The only issue we had while exploring came from using the Lifts. Since there was quite a large group of us we had trouble using the lifts which used a ‘click to teleport’ system which only allows one at a time. Im sure the creators of The Doomed Ship are also waiting patiently for LL to release the Experience permissions system which would sort out the Lift problem.

Anyways the ship has many levels and the corridors just go on and on with things to interest or surprise you deep inside the ship. My gang managed to get split up due to the elevator problem, but thankfully that just added to the fun :-p In the end i got eaten by a giant moth creature. Great fun!

The Escapades Island 2nd Anniversary Weekend #SL

There is a new term that i am starting to use to describe time in Second Life, ‘Before Escapades’ and After ‘Goony Island’. For four years starting from Sunrise Sim with Anshichung, to then Goony Island on a homestead so much had happened. Then we upgraded to Escapades Island full sim and everything changed in SL with new viewers, Mesh changes at the LAB, new CEO’s. So in a way before Escapades is the old Second Life, and after Escapades i see it as the New Second Life.

Over the weekend we celebrated the second anniversary since the upgrade from a homestead to a full region and the renaming from ‘Goony’ to ‘Escapades’. Last year the festivities were simply a celebration of surviving the first year what with the tier being so high and rentals being so low. If it were not for the islands supporters and generous donations it most likely would have fallen through.

This year i can look back with a cheeky grin. Not only are we almost at full rental capacity my Mesh shop business is doing great and this has allowed me the comfortability steam ahead rebuilding stuff in Mesh, learning more scripting and modelling. All this of course means more exciting crazy stuff on the island later this year.


As for the Anniversary weekend, as we did last year we held events on Friday, saturday and sunday so fans of Escapades Island could at least attend one of the events.


On Friday…

1. Special Goonies adventure to a haunted hospital. We did try to go to another haunted house but that was so lagged out due to being on destination guide, we decided to try this other place. “DADDY LONG LEGS AND DEAD THINGS MIKEY, DEAD THINGS!”

“Is it dead, anyone got a stick?”


2. The Founders Tea Party. Last year it was a theme based on mad hatters tea party. This year it was based on the Wizard of Oz.

Snapshot by Nat Merit



On the Saturday…

1. Started off with a Mini Tug Boat Race. Was surprised with how many people turned up to this and it was hilarious fun watch.

Snapshot by Marianne Mccann


2. Pirate Party. My Brother Gemini Enfield took to the decks in the John King Tavern playing spiffing pirate rock while us delinquents through chairs at each other and danced on tables.

Buried under broken tables and chairs, a pirate life for me.


3. Pirate Ship Battle. The Grand Masters Obedient servant Glorb (an NPC character on Escapades) challenged the young pirates to a ship battle. Of course Glorb was the looser.



On Sunday….

1. Beach Party. Started the evening with a beach party but the Cliffside Cabins playing Ska Punk and teenage rock. High point was seeing a unicorn go down the curly whirly water slide, something you’d only see in Second Life.


2. Trolly Race. Following the Beach party was the Steam Powered Shopping Trolly Race. Couples raced each other in Shopping trolleys around rickety Town centre for the Escapades Trophies. The lead changed hands three or four times before the Girls won.

The hardest part seemed to be avoiding the giant stone sculpture in the town square


3. THE MEGA BRAWL. The final event of the weekend was a massive Mega Brawl in which i razzed what ever bad guys and monsters i could find in my inventory for the gang to defend from. This is usually a game off who can last the longest before they crash or the sim crashes. I rezzed Bugs, Goblins, Gelatinous Cubes, Daleks, Lizardmen, Head Crabs, Zombies, Worms, Zombie worms, Rats, Wasps and evil pooping pigeons. so thats a total of 12 different monsters some times up to 50 monsters battling it out and did the sim crash? Nope, infact people were surprised how well it all performed. So this is a sign of the improved performance over the last year not only from using mesh, but also from Linden Labs continued work.

There are about 6 kids under all that somewhere trying to fight their way out


All in all it was a great weekend, fun and full of laughs. I got to see some old faces id not seen in a while and got to know new faces better. Here’s to a 3rd year of Escapades!

You can see highlight from all these events in this 18 minute machinima… enjoy!

If you get a ‘Sign in with evil Facebook to watch video‘ banner, dont panic as you dont have to, just go to this link

Goonys visit the Linden Realms #SL #Slgames

So i finally got round to visiting the Linden Realms game and wow. 
Straight away I’m hit with ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT!???”
Over the last year i have battled with the limitations of second life when making basic gaming experiences that are familiar to those from proper games. Other than the basic cause and effect scripting and the 100% health level of a damage enabled sim, there isn’t anything else.
Here is a break down of what Linden Realms does and how the tools could improve games I’ve already built.
Instant Teleport
In Linden Realms: 
The Goonys walked to the Linden Realms Portal which automatically teleported you to the game region. This is the first ‘WTF?’ moment .
What i have thats similar: 
The closest i got to an auto teleport is for people to voluntarily click a board that teleports to the game location. Such as in the secret Underground base i have a hole you have to click to go down into.
Effect on my Games: 
You would be able to just walk on the hole and automatically be teleported down the hole.
Will be interesting to see how this can’t be used to grief people
Auto Attachments
In Linden Realms: 
Next we all automatically had a crystals HUD attached out of no where. I searched high and low for a scripting mechanism that might auto ad a HUD. This was because i wanted news on basic viewer to be able to wear my Bashables HUD so they could operate the bashing sticks.
What i have thats similar: 
The Bashables system on Escapades allows you to activate a stick to bash things on the island with one click. Unfortunately once you have been given the HUD and stick you have to find it in your inventory to then wear it.
Effect on my Games: 
The New tools could allow for the Bashable HUD’s to auto attach making it easier for new people to quickly have fun on Escapades
Deadly Scenery
In Linden Realms: 
Then the Goonies went searching for Crystals upon which i Stumbled into a green swamp and promptly drowned and teleported to a respawn point rather than my designated home point.
What i have thats similar: 
I tried once in a goony adventure to have a room fill with custard. Those goonies unfortunate enough to get out the room before the door closed ended up growing in custard. With the help of my friend we created a script that would request to teleport them to a location on the island when the custard prim rose high enough to touch them. The drawback of course was it only teleported one at a time and had to wait for each to accept the teleport.
Effect on my Games: 
I can drown Goonies on mass!
In Linden Realms: 
We suddenly became aware of big rock monsters chasing us, and it was really fun as they moved and followed at just the right speed that you could only JUST get away 🙂 If they touched you then you died and teleported to respawn point.
What i have thats similar: 
Evil Zombie Worms. They use a basic base script package that i can drop into any monsters making them follow people. These follow in jerky movements as the detect script hurts every second or so to locate nearest resident. Also they do no damage because you need land to be set to damage enabled in order for objects to kill you and send you to your home point.
Effect on my Games: 
I could make goblins, worms, and other nasty things a threat to my visitors, not just a nuisance.
Loki faces off a Rock Monster with paper
Im only speculating how the new tools might be able to enhance my own games. As yet LL have not told us exactly what these new gaming feature tools are so some of what i said might not work, it all depends how much is scripting and how much is region level permissions.
Regarding Linden Realms itself, my friend Jesper pointed out that it was not very social game. The Hud gave us tasks to do and places to go, and after dying and re-spawning the group quickly got split up. For anybody thinking of making games in SL my friends and i personally think that group activity is a very important piece of what makes Second Life special and should be considered in the games created from here on.

The Mesh modelling used for the scenery is a good
example of how mesh can produce stylish yet
efficient content. Some might think it to simple.


Goony Adventures In Second Life #SL

It has been a while since i last posted a Goonies Adventure on my blog, 
so here is a quick run down of the places we have visited in Second Life in the past view months before i write a special post about Linden Realms….

One of the hardest things i’m having to deal with on Escapades Island is how to organise the Groups. First there was the Goonies group, then came the homestead called Goony island, then came the Full Sim Escapades witch welcomed everyone not just Kid Avatars, then came the MyEscapades group. 
Now the Goonies is a separate group of adventure and its closely tide to Nemo Beach which is part of Escapades. But it’s a kid avatar only group essentially and not suitable for everyday stuff regarding escapades island.
The only solution is to start treating MyEscapades as the main group for notifications etc, which means getting rid of surplus members of the gooneys group and getting everyone to join MyEscapades for updates on escapades activities. This could end up being mildly disruptive but needs to be done.
Anyways on with the adventures starting with….
COCOON-Hope – July
Very odd place this, a real arty place to explore starting at an old school bus. We discovered elephants, strange TV screens and a giant walking… thing… A dreamscape.

Folkvang – August
This was a PROPER adventure and i recommend EVERYONE go here to play Frejas Quest. You have to follow the clues and unlock the treasure chests. This was brilliant as not only dd you get free viking armour and jewellery you also were taken to the mythical land of the ice giants via a boat tour. All the Goonies were VERY impressed with this place which at the start did not seem all that much. Great example of how BIG adventures can be had in small places.

Haunted Hotel in Bay City? – October
As is tradition the Goonies went on a mission to photograph ghosts as part of the october season. We first visited a Haunted hotel, i can’t remember the name of. It was full of ghosts or at least spooky goings on. I even got a free tricycle!
After the hotel was swept for ghosts, the Goonies then headed over to a haunted castle where i found a rather awesome spiral slide WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Some sort of Library & Bonifacio – November
The first place i can’t remember the name of, It was an interesting arty place similar to Cacoon Hope but this place had a great big library with waterfall inside. 

We then ventured to a place called Bonifacio where the tall buildings with light reminded me of the film Tron. We finished the adventure by getting on my Airship and looking for my brother who was somehow stuck int he floor .. again….. then we crashed and the adventure was over LOL.

My little brother Gemini loves to get melded with ground.

So now we are up to date on the Adventures of the Goonies. We next visited Linden Realms but ill blog about that in my next post!. Soon it will snow on Escapades and with it more tom foolery from the SL Goonies gang of misfits!

Goony Adventure: Bronyville & Liberty Cove [UPDATED]

So for June the Goonies Gathered at the Clubhouse before teleporting to a place thats got a bit of buzz recently for its crazyness. Some of the greatest moments in SL are born from the memes of the net and Bronyville is one of them.

I’ve seen a few of my friends pick up a My little Pony cell shaded cartoon avatar, and i have seen the fanmade trailers based around the new My Little Pony Cartoons. What you get when you take that meme into SL is absolute crazyness and i love that.

We arrived to a rainbow filled sim with nice lil houses, but what was great was the amount of people there with their personalised Ponies of different kinds.

The Goonies arrived to find a whole mass of Ponies happy slapping each other, or maybe they were worshiping the giant shoe , i was’nt quite sure.

Anyway Bronyville was quite fun but soon it was time to go to our second destination of the evening….

[UPDATE] Nat corrected me i thought it was Pronyville, but its Bronyville

Sextan Shepherd has become a recognised name throughout Second Life, for his work on the now gone Nemo regions. I admire his attention to detail with texturing, if he published a book about texturing i would buy it! HINT.

The Goonies arrived at his latest work, the homestead region known as ‘Liberty Cove‘. (Perhaps a much cheaper a fair than the huge Nemo regions.)

It starts off as a wonderful winding street with shops showcasing Sextans work for sale.

Then walking across the rocky island the Goonies came across a strange machine machine in an old temple like building. All beautifully textured as expected from Sextan.

Crossing a bridge we also discovered other delights. My new Computer helped me take full advantage of how great the Sim looked enhancing what was already a wonderful steampunk atmosphere.

Some of this place is still under construction so i will probably return in future to see whats been added. Definitely check it out!

Anyway Much fun was had by all who ventured with us.