Fantasy Faire felt really good

My work there is done, but the virtual world Fantasy Faire 2018 in Second Life is still open for another extended week, so if you haven’t visited yet do find some time this week. On Saturday i spent over an hour just discussing with my friends Nat and Strifeclaw about how the roleplaying went, how … Read moreFantasy Faire felt really good

Fantasy Faire: The Lilypods

Fantasy Faire is back with twelve regions packed full of wonder and mystery and on one region called Mudrana we find the our favourite gang of misfits. This year they are called the Lilypods, a group of children who have found themselves living in a giant pond helping the local frogs keep their Frog God … Read moreFantasy Faire: The Lilypods

Fantasy Faire: The Story of Echtra so far

Fantasy Faire is a magical festival of fantasy, story telling and generosity. For me this week has been fun helping organise and run the ongoing story that may or may not 😉 come to a close today at 1pm slt. While there have been many events at Fantasy Faire where visitors help raise donations through freeing people … Read moreFantasy Faire: The Story of Echtra so far

CALLING ALL KID AVATARS, this is #FantasyFaireSL 2016

At fantasy Faire there is a role-play group for Kid Avatars called the Rickety Weasels and any kid avatars can join for free the gang to role-play the story as it unfolds over the coming week. This year the group will be playing forgotten viking children who live unsupervised in the village fort of Echtra. We need players … Read moreCALLING ALL KID AVATARS, this is #FantasyFaireSL 2016

Fantasy Faire: Escorts of the Lesser Sidhe

The roleplaying at Fantasy Faire continues and all seems at peace in Poppetsborough now that the four Wells of Knowledge are flowing again. The dark tears that appeared last week have all sealed up thanks to the wonderful giving spirit of those who joined the Mouse Guardians. Today though a special traveller is visiting the Poppetsborough town at 12pm … Read moreFantasy Faire: Escorts of the Lesser Sidhe

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