Fantasy Faire felt really good

My work there is done, but the virtual world Fantasy Faire 2018 in Second Life is still open for another extended week, so if you haven’t visited yet do find some time this week.

On Saturday i spent over an hour just discussing with my friends Nat and Strifeclaw about how the roleplaying went, how the Bazaar Dungeon was received and how sad it’ll be as it always is when the fairylands disappear for another year. 

Fantasy Faire 2018 - The Bazaar Dungeon

I really do enjoy building for this fundraising virtual festival. The challenges of creating something original to experience, presenting a space for merchants to sell items while also providing a place to get immersed and role-play. Unlike most fairs in Second Life you are just shopping, but FantasyFaire has become so much more.

Watching the variety of avatars come through the dungeons was my favourite aspect for me. From Vader Kittens discovering hidden treasure chests to finding a giant dragon sleeping in a room full of gold coins, i was constantly delighted by who turned up.


I want to thank everyone who joined the Magpies Role-play group during the week and to Strifeclaw organising. When people carry on in character long after i’ve logged out to go sleep then i know we’re on to something. That some of the story elements were only discovered hours after scheduled events by those who could not make it earlier gave much more life to the family atmosphere of the Magpies. We write the story and schedule the events but at the end of the day its those who role-play that bring it to life, so thanks everyone, this year was an amazing atmosphere.


Oh look another subtle phoenix image.

I also want to thank everyone who sent me kind words about the Bazaar Dungeon. I was surprised at the amount of comments i got from complete strangers and im so pleased it was enjoyed so much. To everyone that messaged me about how i did the mirror effect in the well of souls, i promise to make a blog post about it soon :-p

Finally like to say thanks to everyone who donated to the kiosks and bought the RP kits, all of which goes to Relay for Life.

To finish off this post i’ve embedded the video i made of the 2018 fairelands. If you still haven’t walked around them all yet, THERE IS STILL TIME!

Highlights Of FantasyFaire 2018

Fantasy Faire: The Lilypods

Fantasy Faire is back with twelve regions packed full of wonder and mystery and on one region called Mudrana we find the our favourite gang of misfits.

This year they are called the Lilypods, a group of children who have found themselves living in a giant pond helping the local frogs keep their Frog God awake. Anyone can come along and join the gang in their adventures during the week, just turn up at the Lilypod basecamp!

The Lilypods are recognisable by their over sized Lilypad hats, and noises horn trumpets which they use to assist the frogs in keeping awake the Frog God. It is said bad things will happen if the frog god of Mudrana falls asleep.

The Lilypad Hats and trumpets, including a hip bag are available to buy at the Lilypod Base Camp, all proceeds of which go directly to Cancer Research.

All through the week there will be roleplaying encounters and special fund raising events that help uncover the ongoing story at Mudrana. There is a timetable to help you know when to turn up and be around. The updated timetable is available in the Base Camp.

The first Lilypod Event begins on Friday at 2pm, Join Dogstar of the lesser Sidhe and the Spirit Guardians for gathering of folk tales. Tell us a story and hear of others, who knows, there might be a clue or two to whats going to happen this week.

So come along, join the lilypods at Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy Faire: The Story of Echtra so far

Fantasy Faire is a magical festival of fantasy, story telling and generosity. For me this week has been fun helping organise and run the ongoing story that may or may not 😉 come to a close today at 1pm slt.

While there have been many events at Fantasy Faire where visitors help raise donations through freeing people from various jails, Echtra has been in the back ground evolving a tale of rituals and broken statues that today culminate in a final celebration to breath life back into a dragon.


Let me explain… no, there is to much. Let me sum up.

Snapshot by Xenno Gregan

Snapshot by Xenno Gregan

If you have spent enough time in Echtra you may have noticed it is dark and gloomy, known as THE GLOOM and that all the adult population were turned into Hedgehogs by the boy god Grey Prince.


The Great Halfdan the Fox Wounder watches over Echtra from on high

Halfdan the Fox Wounder tells of how he and his mighty warriors confronted the Grey Prince asking why he covered the land in darkness. The Grey Prince angry at their accusations turned them into Hedghogs.

The Standing Stones of Echtra glow with power, Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

The Standing Stones of Echtra glow with power, Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

So the Children of Echtra with the help of the Earth and Air Guardians took it upon themselves to hold a ritual at the Echtra Circle of Stones to summon the Grey Prince and carefully ask him to remove The Gloom.

A Giant apparition of the Grey Prince appears high above the gathered crowd

A Giant apparition of the Grey Prince appears high above the gathered crowd

The Grey Prince appeared above the crowed as a giant glowing figure and cried his grief of once being the Winter Prince until one day his sister the Summer Princess disappeared. Together they would watch over the land taking turns in the seasonal rhyme of time. With the Summer Princess gone he took on her roles along with his own, becoming the Grey Prince.

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe arrives at Echtra

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe arrives at Echtra

Learning this the Children of Echtra realised that the broken statue in the village street must be that of the Summer Princess. The Guardians called for the help of Dogstar a powerful Lesser Sidhe to perform a reconstruction spell, but on upon arriving it was discovered the pieces of statue had vanished!

The Stone their is caught and interrogated. Snapshot by Nat Merit

The Stone their is caught and interrogated. Snapshot by Nat Merit

With the help of some observant Hedgehogs the Children of Echtra and their friends set a trap to capture who ever had taken the stones by spreading word of a single piece still remaining. It was not long before the thief was caught and questioned. The boy known as Slooth told them that he had taken the stones piece by piece long before knowing of their importance and was sorry. He agreed to send word to the collector in order to set an ambush the next day.

King Goblin is ambushed. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

King Goblin is ambushed. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

Hiding in and around the entrance to the Dragon Cave the children of Echtra lay in wait for who ever would arrive to collect the empty sack left as bait. Moments later the notorious King Goblin Goblin King of the Goblins arrived on top his shield bearer.

Now it is well known in the fae lands that King Goblin likes to claim everything as his, but really dislikes it when others claim him as theirs. One of the Echtra crew known as Tepic leaped out of the bushes shouting ‘I Claim King Goblin as mine!’ King Goblin then had no choice but to exchange the sack of Statue pieces for Tepic to revoke his claim on him.

Dogstar prepares the ritual to repair the statue. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

Dogstar prepares the ritual to repair the statue. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

With the missing pieces of the statue returned, Dogstar set to work on the reconstruction ritual. A great ceremony was held in the village street with music, dancing and generosity. Soon Dogstars magic crystals were powered with the good spirits of the crowd and in a flash the Statue was rebuilt a new. Along with it the spirit of the Summer Princess appeared above them all telling how grateful she was to finally be remembered and how she had gone to the Dragon of Time to to ask him to stop her people from dying. She explained that the dragon had told her if she wanted to stop death then to climb into his mouth, which she did causing his heart to become cold and stop, and with it the rhyme of time. Her final words before vanishing were to warm the dragons heart so that Echtra would gloom no more…

With the statue repaired the Summer Princess appears. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

With the statue repaired the Summer Princess appears. Snapshot by Avariel Falcon

And so here we are , on this day the Children of Echtra and the many friends they have made this week plan to hold a final festive ceremony deep under the hill to warm the Dragons Heart and hopefully finally raise the Gloom from Echtra for ever.

The Dragon awaits. Snapshot by Alisaundra Andel

Join us on Echtra at Fantasy Faire for an event running from 1pm to 3pm slt. Its a celebration of all life, for the role-players and non-roleplyers alike. All are welcome!

CALLING ALL KID AVATARS, this is #FantasyFaireSL 2016

At fantasy Faire there is a role-play group for Kid Avatars called the Rickety Weasels and any kid avatars can join for free the gang to role-play the story as it unfolds over the coming week.

This year the group will be playing forgotten viking children who live unsupervised in the village fort of Echtra. We need players from all across the Child Avatar community to dress up as vikings and join us to uncover the mystery of the gloom.

“Travellers talk of village fort consumed by a gloom, where time there stands still bringing no rhyme of seasons. Tales speak of ghostly children that skitter amongst the long houses while the only spark of joy seems to erupt from the old Echtra Great Hall high up on hill. But there are clues to what has befallen the village and it’s people, all one must do is seek them out…”


All through the Fantasy Faire week there will be role-play events to help the story evolve while helping raise funds for ‘relay for life’. Not only that but you can also take part in the Echtra Experience and uncover the secrets of the land while collecting items to add to your character.

To take part in the Fantasy Faire Rickety Weasels role-play week…

• Simply turn up at the Echtra Great hall RP Corner SLURL HERE!.

• Viking or Norse clothes are available to buy at Fantasy Faire or you can bring your own.

• There is also a Role-play starter pack that includes, gestures, Axe and Shield.

• There is an event board with times at the Great Hall to plan ahead your week of adventure!

• To take part in the Echtra experience simply click the Echtra Experience Board located at the entrances to the Echtra Region , the village square or in the great hall.

• Have fun and explore the rest of Fantasy Faire!

For more information check the Fantasy Faire Rickety Weazels page.



The Role-play HQ at the Echtra Great Hall




Fantasy Faire: Escorts of the Lesser Sidhe

wellThe roleplaying at Fantasy Faire continues and all seems at peace in Poppetsborough now that the four Wells of Knowledge are flowing again. The dark tears that appeared last week have all sealed up thanks to the wonderful giving spirit of those who joined the Mouse Guardians.

Dogstar_avatarToday though a special traveller is visiting the Poppetsborough town at 12pm SLT. Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe is an ancient mysterious fellow belonging to a wise race of fae that once served the first gods. Now tasked with watching over a small island he rarely gets time to visit other realms.

But a visitor os such importance as Dogstar needs help and protection as he arrives in Fantasy Faire and travels across the rams to Poppetsborough. That is why the Mouse Guardians have been tasked with guiding Dogstar when he arrives and protecting him from what perils might threaten his visit. The more Mice Guardians that gather the safer the mystical Lesser Sidhe will be!

The Guardians will gather at 12pm slt at the train station and await further instruction.