Escapades Recap – 12th Wickerman & Eurovision

Just a  quick post about some things that happened recently on Escapades Island in Second Life…. Following right on the heels of the successful Fantasy Faire was the annual Burning of the Wickerman on Escapades Island. After the frustration of being sick during Fantasy Faire it was a relaxing joyful experience to be joined by my … Read moreEscapades Recap – 12th Wickerman & Eurovision

The 11th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

Fantasy Faire has a habit of being on during the first of May, which ends up pushing the Escapades Island traditional Wickerman Experience back a week. So it was that the 11th Beltaine Wickerman festival kicked off last saturday. I’m still surprised how many come to this simple 2 hours experience of holding a torch … Read moreThe 11th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

The 10th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

The Wickerman at Beltaine is the oldest tradition I’m involved with in Second Life. Each year friends old and new parade up the mountain side to light and burn the great wickerman. We first did this for fun with a small group of new friends, little did we know 10 years later we’d still be … Read moreThe 10th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

The 9th Burning of the Beltaine Wickerman.

During Fantasy Faire opening weekend it was also the Escapades annual burning of the Wickerman which has occurred in Second Life every beginning of May for the past 8 years. Annual events like this are a great way to gage performance and stability of the grid. This year nothing went wrong, and for me at … Read moreThe 9th Burning of the Beltaine Wickerman.

Escapades Beltaine Wickerman 2013

It’s become a greatly anticipated event to those who have experienced it before and each year the crowd grows in numbers. I’d say this year it was double the size of last year and thanks to the SLfeed we even had people pop up who just randomly caught a post promoting the event minutes before … Read moreEscapades Beltaine Wickerman 2013

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