Escapades Island 6th Anniversary Video

The fun thing about the Escapades Anniversary weekend is that it’s the same events as previous years, but it’s never the same.

It’s always a mixture of old friend sand new friends, and the nature of Second Life means you never really know what’s going to happen. So even though we have the same events, the outcome is always memorably different.


So here is the highlights video of this years Escapades Anniversary weekend, from flying Sea Unicorns, Cowboys and Delores to Battle Balloons and computer worlds within a computer world.

Hope everyone who visited and joined in the events had fun, and here is to yet another year of Escapades in Second Life!


Escapadse 6th Anniversay by lokieliot

Escapades Island 6th Anniversary Begins Today

The 6th Anniversary weekend of Escapades Anniversary kicks off today with contests and events for the next two days.

I can’t believe Escapades Island has been a thing for six whole years now. It feels old. The place that celebrates nostalgia itself now has its own nostalgia. Ive set up a live stream of four hours of music from old movies, the soundtrack to what will unfold.



12pm slt: The Goony Adventure: Join us as we gather to go on an adventure together to another planet.

2pm SLT: The Tea party: Open the invite sent to the Goonies and Escapades groups to find out the theme for this years Tea party and step through the Rickety Town Centre far Gate to arrive at the tea party.



12pm slt: The Sea Unicorn Race: Jump on a giant Sea Unicorn and race against your friends to win one of the three covered Escapades Trophies.

2pm SLT: Pirate Party: Gemini Enfield sets the atmosphere with tunes found in his old crate. Dress up as a pirate , drink rum. You never know who might turn up to start a fight.

4pm slt: The Battle Balloon Contest: Grab a friend to join you and battle it out against the others for supremacy of the skies and the might Battle Balloon Trophy.



ALL DAY: Stranger Escapades: Starting around 2am slt a message will be sent on the groups, twitter feed and SL feed. A Mystery will need to be solved, clues followed, monsters battled?

12pm slt: Mini Ice Cream Van race: This could possibly go very wrong but everyone is invited to race around rickety town possibly for a trophy.

2pm SLT : THE MEGA BRAWL: Depending on how well the Stranger Escapades Mystery has been solved, there will be a massive battle.

Beach fire chill out session: At the end of the day, join Loki chilling out by the fire on Hawkings Bay.


I hope to see everyone this weekend. Start by arriving at Rickety Town where you can grab a free anniversary T-shirt, Cap and Poster. I drew the anniversary image especially for Escapades and inspired by the awesome series Stranger Things which capture a lot of the spirit the Goonies have.



Second Life graphics & software maybe dated, but that doesn’t stop the EPIC FUN

The region quickly filled with over a thousand physics enabled projectiles creating an atmosphere  that resembled the matrix as everything slowed to crawl.

This was during the last event of the Escapades 5th anniversary weekend, and boy was it epic. There is a type of fun thats born from taking things to the limit, braking things or trying ‘what if i rezzed this here’. Luckily Linden Lab have given me the tools to help manage such grand free for all events as the Mega Brawl, which will go down in peoples memories as a hilarious fun shared event.


Yardley Manor

The weekend started with the usual Goony Adventure where as a group we visit other places in Second Life. Most of the time these places are locked down as no rez or even no scripts out of fear from griefers or people leaving their own mark.


Then it was off to the bog of Stench for the Founders Tea party which i missed the first hour of due to a DNS glitch that effected some UK and Netherlands users until some one somewhere flicked a switch allowing us to log into SL again.


Saturday saw the grand Airship Battles. The first contest between six or seven battle Balloons each with a crew of two that slowly dwindled down to just Richardus and Tepic ruling the skies. Later was the first ever Goonies VS Separatists Icarus Airship Battle resulting in epic broadside cannon fire between two smoking airships.



Saturday also saw the Giant Pufferfish Race which was fun to watch as the fish inflated and deflated on colliding with each other.


Sunday saw the Rocket Vacuum racing which like the previous year degenerated into everyone razzing what ever cars they could find to drive around the track. I vowed then to create a lap recording device so we could finally keep track on who’s winning.


As well as the racing and battleship contests we also had music gatherings in the Pirate Tavern and on the Beach.

It all culminated into the final big epic Mega Brawl battle where i rezzed what ever monsters i could find in my inventory for the users to shoot and bash. And if you missed all of that, here is a video condensing all the events down to just 13 minutes of action.

Also available to watch on Dailymotion.

All in all it was a great weekend which i wish i could do every week. Yes Second Life maybe old, maybe slow, laggy and full of bugs, but every now and then we just pull together from UK, Japan, Australia, USA, Germany, France, all over the globe and have great laugh in this shared space.

Battle Balloons Available on my Marketplace – as is the Battle Airships.

The Giant Pufferfish and the Rocket Vacuums are available as part of the Escapades Instants Range

Escapades Island 5th Anniversary – Event list

Today kicks off the weekend of events celebrating 5 years of Escapades Island, as a way to thank all those who have supported the island by helping pay the expensive tier costs and playing the silly games.

Following the same structure as the previous anniversaries the events are a combination of battle contests, races and party gatherings with trophies to be won.

Friday 4th (today) will start the celebrations with a Goonie Adventure at 12pm SLT, bringing together some of the gang for a shared experience somewhere on the grid. Later at 2pm SLT will be the Founders Tea Party. This years theme is the Bog of Eternal Stench and those attending are required to dress up as goblins with prizes going to the most ugly goblin and most cute goblin.

On Saturday 5th the days events will start with a Battle Ballon competition followed by DJ Geminis Pirate Separatists show at 1pm SLT where clues to hidden treasure will be announced. At 3pm SLT there will be the Giant Pufferfish Race around the Island before the final event of the day, the Battle Airship competition between Goonies and the Separatists at 4pm SLT.

Sunday 6th will kick off with the Goonies Beach Party with DJ Loki, then its over to Rickety Town for the Rocket Vacuum Grand Prix. At 2pm SLT there will be an Epic Battle Brawl for anyone who wants to brave potential Lag fighting what ever Loki can throw at you.  If anyone is still logged in after that there will be a calm afterparty chalet session but the Hawkins By camp fire.

Everyone is welcome to join the festivities wether a kid Avatar, adult, chicken, turtle or penguin.


The 4th Anniversary of Escapades Island ROCKED!

Four years ago i decided with the help of my friends to upgrade my old homestead to a full region, allowing for more room to expand creativity and adventure. Each year we celebrate the arrival of Escapades Island with a weekend of manic events from your traditional music gatherings to shared racing and roleplaying stories The schedule of events is pretty much the same each year but the events themselves always seem to produce unique unforgettable experiences.

The Events

This years Founders Tea party theme was Camelot castle where the founders of Escapades and their friends dressed up as knights or medieval garb. Surrounding a round table there was an experimental food fight game using the new XPtools to allow for throwing pies and getting covered in Goo. It kinda worked :-p


There was another Airship Brawl Battle in the skies above Escapades. I created this game last year and for some reason have not found the time to release it to the public. Would be nice to get this game out for christmas as not only is it a really exciting team player game, but its also very fun to watch. Fl0 Cal and Richardus Raymaker won the Airship Brawl this year.

I usually do a race on water around Escapades Island with some obstacles, but what the residents race is always different. Last year they raced on the backs of Whales, this year they raced Surfing giant Squids. As with last year i  handed out the squids before hand with the texture files to custom. This lead to some awesome custom squids. Super Suz lead most of the way but hit a surfboard right before the finish line allowing Hexapoda to whizz past and steal 1st place :-p. Suz came 2nd while 3rd place was joint grabbed by both Lyo and Matthew who crossed the finish line together.


My SL brother Gemini Enfield hosted the Pirate party again at the John King Tavern playing suitable music for the Tavern Brawl that seemed everlasting. The Tavern Brawl game allows people to grab a chair and throw it at others breaking tables and people in the cross fire. Soon the Tavern was full of chairs and yet Escapades Island seemed non plussed. showing how much more stable the grid has become.


Sunday saw the usual two hour Goonies Beach Party which seemed to fly by. Then it was the final race of the weekend the great Offroad Dodgem Car Race. I had basically thrown together these Dodgem Cars in the morning and thought it would be fun to have the cars slowly fall apart if you bump into each other. Of course these things play out differently in a real scenario. All the cars lined up for the race and promptly fell apart. Eventually we managed to get a line ready and they were OFF. Much hilarity ensued as people raced around the track leaving behind bits of car bumping each other off, crashing , then running back to the start to get another car. In the end i could not keep count of the laps or any idea of who wa sin the lead so i gave everyone a Gold Trophy and called it a day.


Through out the weekend there was also a Roleplay Story to get involved in. On Saturday the guardian of the Island known as Dogstar requested a group of residents to find some rare mushrooms for a stew. While completing this quest the residents uncovered a sinister plot to find hidden device that could be used to separate an ancient dragon from the dreams of an old man. The residents managed to save the old man from the evil clutches of the resident bad guy the Grand Master, but not before the Dragon was released.


On Sunday the residents had to find away to banish the Dragon and its Dark Rider using a trap built by the Sky Pirates many years ago. After a a lot of running about the residents found the Sky Pirates Floating Island trap and lured the Dragon Rider into it, banishing it for ever?



Doing the Roleplay was hard, because Roleplay in Second Life is more like Live Action Role Play (LARP) than an RPG. People with the freedom of choice they have in Virtual Worlds, tend to be a lot more unpredictable. Also with different people being on at different times meant the people who uncovered parts of the story in the morning, were not around to pass on that info to the the people in the evening. Even now i don’t think anyone got the full story of what happened over the weekend. “It appears to be a griefer” to quote Draxtor Despres when the Dragon Rider appeared breathing fire above them.


During the weekend i filmed some of the events taking place and cobbled together a highlights video. These days snapshots do not do the SL experience justice so check out the Escapades Anniversary Video on Telly or embedded below. Draxtor Despres also filmed two events with commentary. You can hopefully still watch the archived video of The Super Surfing Squid Race and the Offroad Dodgem Car Race on Escapades Island TWITCH channel.



So thats it for another year, it was a lot of hard work, but it was all worth it seeing all the snapshots on SL feed from all those who had fun. The next year promises to be even better as the grid is more stable than ever before. Thank you everyone who supports the Island 🙂