Is it just me or is the Second Life Mac Viewer the worst it’s been for a while?

The performance of the Second Life mac viewer is the worst it has been for a long time. It is so bad it actually makes me not want to login. The performance really started to degrade more than it usually is just before Fantasy Faire. I put it down to traditional low performance before major SL … Read moreIs it just me or is the Second Life Mac Viewer the worst it’s been for a while?


Four long years since Linden Lab first announced they were working on adding more tools for making fluid gaming experiences. I’ve blogged numerous times about how it could revolutionise Second Life. Linden Lab even asked me to guest blog on the SL forums once to discuss games. Yesterday Linden Lab finally added XPtools (experience tools) … Read moreOMG IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!! XPtools

My first time in SL with the Oculus [UPDATED]

So thanks to Cinder Roxley and David Rowe i finally got my first taste of Oculus VR in Second Life on a Mac using the CtrlAltStudio viewer.  And what a wonderful experience it is. I say this even though i threw up this morning from using it. CtrlAltStudio gives us the bare bones of Oculus … Read moreMy first time in SL with the Oculus [UPDATED]

Pathfinding Post Mortem

Im starting to see a pattern in how i get excited about new features in SL. The fun and excitement comes from the announcement then the downloading of the development viewers to test on the Beta Grid. The blogging about how it will add so much to Second Life once they iron out the bugs. … Read morePathfinding Post Mortem

Second Life Materials Feature is AWESOME!

Just how important is the new materials feature to Second Life content creators? You need to have deferred rendering enabled (thats lighting and shadows to regular users or as LL have renamed it ‘Advanced Lighting’) which for most people means killing your SL experience. I’m on top spec iMac. I sold my grandma and parents … Read moreSecond Life Materials Feature is AWESOME!

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