Putting the Cyber Grunge into the Vortex VR Club

So the V5 opened up on monday and for 12 hours straight the dance floor was packed, uncovering bugs and issues i need to fix, while also highlighting what happens when we reach the limits of the platform XD. Science Bit The New Vortex club is simplistic in its shape and low in textures,  but that low … Read morePutting the Cyber Grunge into the Vortex VR Club

My latest Project is almost here #V5

Dance clubs are a big part of the SL experience. They are the places that people meet and discover new friends. They are the place long time friends can dedicate time each week to drop what they are doing and hang out with friends from around the world. You click the dance ball, leave your avatar … Read moreMy latest Project is almost here #V5

DJ Loki show is BACK this week!

To many it seems ive been away for weeks… well yeh thats true :-p. After talking to my brother it was decided that i would take the tuesday slot for my DJ show as thursday seems to fall on a lot of weekend activities i get involved with in the real world. Hopefully this shake … Read moreDJ Loki show is BACK this week!

Vortex going strong

Not mentioned the Vortex for a while. I’ve been DJ’ing there pretty much every week for the past 3 years. It’s coming close to its 4th birthday soon and if my show last night is anything to go by, it’s still going strong. Like Goony island the place is ingrained into the Second lives of … Read moreVortex going strong

Vortex Halloween Special

Had a special Hallows Eve DJ event at the Vortex. Fancey Dress show where many of the guests turned up is some amazing outfits. I myself was a young Hellboy :-p Here are just afew pics of the others… I’m not sure what the Blogger bug is thats making all the pics super big even … Read moreVortex Halloween Special

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