#SL Goonies and the Destruction of the Mega MEGA Death Ray

It was a peaceful day at Escapades island until a new message from the Grand Master came through on the message interceptor machine. The Goonies gathered at the club house to listen to the message….

“GLORB, Lets not bother with the Mega Death Ray, instead lets install the Thermowosulator into the mega MEGA death ray, lets rid ourselves of the Goonies ONCE AND FOR ALL MWHAHAHHAAH”

The Goonies were not best pleased with the prospect of being blown up by a mega MEGA death ray so they hatched a plan to go underground to the secret base, find the Thermalwosulator and destroy it before it was installed……

#SL Goonies and the Sleeping Serpent

A mysterious chest appeared at the Rickety Town Centre amid all the newbs hunting for Eggmen.

The Goonies gathered to investigate and found a note on the side that gave a clue to where the chest came from

“Dear Goonies, 
       a gift for you, be kind and just DIE!
Sincerely yours,
     The Grand Master”

At this point Mr Doomdale the local debt collector and grumpy old man arrived and started telling the kids to disperse because they were making to much noise and scaring the Newby adult avatars.

Opening the chest the gang found a scroll. With the amount of scrolls the Goonies find on the island, they will soon be able to start up a library. On the Scroll were some words in an ancient language which Tepic being the inquisitive boy he is read out loud to the rest of the group.

“Medrid mor dragoon, difun ow cuscajor”

Suddenly Mr Doomdale started to choke and shake and a large cloud of smoke started to surround the old man. The Goonies watched in terror as Mr Doomdales body changed into a giant serpent dragon thing with wings and immediately started setting fire to the town and newbs.

After the initial panic and several minutes running around the Goonies set forth on a mission to uncover exactly what just happened. First some keene eyed Goonies noticed a symbol on the chest that closely resembled a similar symbol by the old gate in the Fae Forrest.

Soon the whole gang had found their way through the Fae gate into the Seelie Court where they found Dogstar, a strange looking Lesser Fae cooking stew.

After telling the fae creature what had happened to mr Doomdale they were told that they had found an old spell. Mr Doomsdale it would appear was in fact a dragon called Medrid placed under a Glamour Spell and what Tepic had done when he read the scroll out loud was break the glamour spell causing Doomdale to change into his true form, a Dragon Serpent.

The Goonies all face palmed before asking if they could somehow reverse whats happened before the whole of Escapades Island burns. Dogstar stirred his pot of stew before disappearing behind some trees. A few minutes later he emerged with a map.

“The only way you can reverse what you have done is by finding the five wyrd stones. This map will show you where they lay on the island. Once you have found them, you need to place them in a circle somewhere high and lure the serpent to the centre. Then shout the words of this spell “……………….” 

The spell has not been written down as Dogstar was particular about such powerful words, saying that this mess is because of people writing down words.

Anyway Goonies split up to search for the stones while others tried to lure the dragon to the mountain top.

Eventually all 5 Wyrd Stones were found and dragged to the mountain top and placed in a circle. The Dragon Serpent appeared setting fire to the surrounding trees but the Goonies stood fast and waited for the dragon to land in the centre of the circle.

Finally with a loud roar the dragon was in place and the Goonies started chanting the magik words….. nothing,… so they chanted again… still nothing. Then as if suffering from chat lag the Wyrd stones lit up and sparkles emanated from them surround the dragon.

The body of the dragon became engulfed in dark smoke and when it cleared Mr Doomdale was a grumpy old man again who promptly scuffled off blaming the kids for a right old mess, much to the relief of the Goonies.

So once again the Goonies dealt with another of the Grand Masters Dastardly Plans, what will he do next?……

All images taken by Nat Merit, check out his Plurk of the event as it unfolded.

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#SL Goonies and the Giant Claw of DOOM!

It came down from high above the clouds and slowed to a halt above Myrtil’s magnificent windmill. A Hovering machine with three propellers, beneath which hung a huge claw. The Goonies only had minutes to gather before the claw clamped down on top the windmill. 

The call had be shouted, and the Goonies came prepared and the game was set to stop the Grand Master from taking off with our favourite Windmill!

After the Claw, the remaining Goonies ventured underground to see what else was on the list of Dastardly Plans. All that is left seems to be two plans about GIANT RAYGUNS and some story about a dragon?

Jimmy battles a Lizard man woken by our noise

eventually we retreat back to the surface.
Finally we retired to the Goondocks John King Tavern to celebrate our victory and Myrtil danced a funny jig 🙂

Chapter 2: #SL Goonies and the Deadly Custard

It would appear i forgot to blog about the particular event.

After the madness of the Sky platform drama the Goonies quickly discovered that the Grand Master had written up Dastardly Plans to irritate the Goonies and stop their fun. Deep down in the Secret Underground base are drawings of what the Grand Master plans to do. On that list was the sabotaging of the Flying Ferret Sky Platform.

Another plan on the Grand Master List involved custard and sure enough the Goonies woke one morning to find the whole island covered in custard. With the island covered in custard there would be no way for snow to settle over winter meaning NO SNOW!!!!! meaning NO SLEDGING!!! and NO SNOWMEN!!! and definitely NO SNOWBALL FIGHTS!!! … something had to be done and quickly!

As you can see from the video many Goonies drowned in their attempt to destroy the Custard Pump. Luckily Goonies never say die so we all re-rezzed at rickety town and partied WOOT!

Volume 3: Chapter 1 – SL Goonies and the Mile High EMERGENCEY!

Volume 3 : The Dastardly Plans

The forcefield around the Goony Island finally came down to reveal a bigger island with a mountain in the centre. How can this be? what happend to the old island? Nemo Beach is still there but somehow looks new. there are also many  other new features such as a Pirate Town, a windmill, more cabins and an old castle.

So the gang was just sitting around in Rickety Town when suddenly a sky platform dropped out of the sky around them.

A man named Mr Doomdale turned up mumbling something about neededing to check on the Flying Ferret Sky station once used by the old Sky Pirates.

So everyone got aboard their flying air karts and flew up to check it out, only to find the station overrun by Lizoids!!!!!

Well, as yu can imagine their was plenty of fighting and as the dust settled our attention was drawn to the big engine that keeps the thing in the air. It was sounding an alarm and venting steam. The Lizoids had sabotaged it and the main control Panel thingy needed replacing, but with what!??

As if on cue Mr Doomdale suggested we go find a Sky station that he heard had crashed to the north East years ago and perhaps it would have a working control panel.

So shouting our motto, the Goonies boarded once again the air karts and flew with haste to the north eastern islands.

It took a while but eventually the crash site was found and after rummaging around found a working control panel! FTW!

So it was back on board the Air Karts with a race against time to get back to the Flying Ferret before it came crashing down on Escapades Island. Poor Lil Max had a hard time keeping up with his short legs. LULZ

With just minutes to spare the Control Panel was replaced, the alarms stopped and the engine stopped venting steam.

The Grand Masters evil plans foiled once again! YEAHY!

But what else is planned for the Goonies on this new bigger island. What secrets are buried below its surface, or even hidden in it’s skies?