The 4th Anniversary of Escapades Island ROCKED!

Four years ago i decided with the help of my friends to upgrade my old homestead to a full region, allowing for more room to expand creativity and adventure. Each year we celebrate the arrival of Escapades Island with a weekend of manic events from your traditional music gatherings to shared racing and roleplaying stories The schedule of events is pretty much the same each year but the events themselves always seem to produce unique unforgettable experiences.

The Events

This years Founders Tea party theme was Camelot castle where the founders of Escapades and their friends dressed up as knights or medieval garb. Surrounding a round table there was an experimental food fight game using the new XPtools to allow for throwing pies and getting covered in Goo. It kinda worked :-p


There was another Airship Brawl Battle in the skies above Escapades. I created this game last year and for some reason have not found the time to release it to the public. Would be nice to get this game out for christmas as not only is it a really exciting team player game, but its also very fun to watch. Fl0 Cal and Richardus Raymaker won the Airship Brawl this year.

I usually do a race on water around Escapades Island with some obstacles, but what the residents race is always different. Last year they raced on the backs of Whales, this year they raced Surfing giant Squids. As with last year i  handed out the squids before hand with the texture files to custom. This lead to some awesome custom squids. Super Suz lead most of the way but hit a surfboard right before the finish line allowing Hexapoda to whizz past and steal 1st place :-p. Suz came 2nd while 3rd place was joint grabbed by both Lyo and Matthew who crossed the finish line together.


My SL brother Gemini Enfield hosted the Pirate party again at the John King Tavern playing suitable music for the Tavern Brawl that seemed everlasting. The Tavern Brawl game allows people to grab a chair and throw it at others breaking tables and people in the cross fire. Soon the Tavern was full of chairs and yet Escapades Island seemed non plussed. showing how much more stable the grid has become.


Sunday saw the usual two hour Goonies Beach Party which seemed to fly by. Then it was the final race of the weekend the great Offroad Dodgem Car Race. I had basically thrown together these Dodgem Cars in the morning and thought it would be fun to have the cars slowly fall apart if you bump into each other. Of course these things play out differently in a real scenario. All the cars lined up for the race and promptly fell apart. Eventually we managed to get a line ready and they were OFF. Much hilarity ensued as people raced around the track leaving behind bits of car bumping each other off, crashing , then running back to the start to get another car. In the end i could not keep count of the laps or any idea of who wa sin the lead so i gave everyone a Gold Trophy and called it a day.


Through out the weekend there was also a Roleplay Story to get involved in. On Saturday the guardian of the Island known as Dogstar requested a group of residents to find some rare mushrooms for a stew. While completing this quest the residents uncovered a sinister plot to find hidden device that could be used to separate an ancient dragon from the dreams of an old man. The residents managed to save the old man from the evil clutches of the resident bad guy the Grand Master, but not before the Dragon was released.


On Sunday the residents had to find away to banish the Dragon and its Dark Rider using a trap built by the Sky Pirates many years ago. After a a lot of running about the residents found the Sky Pirates Floating Island trap and lured the Dragon Rider into it, banishing it for ever?



Doing the Roleplay was hard, because Roleplay in Second Life is more like Live Action Role Play (LARP) than an RPG. People with the freedom of choice they have in Virtual Worlds, tend to be a lot more unpredictable. Also with different people being on at different times meant the people who uncovered parts of the story in the morning, were not around to pass on that info to the the people in the evening. Even now i don’t think anyone got the full story of what happened over the weekend. “It appears to be a griefer” to quote Draxtor Despres when the Dragon Rider appeared breathing fire above them.


During the weekend i filmed some of the events taking place and cobbled together a highlights video. These days snapshots do not do the SL experience justice so check out the Escapades Anniversary Video on Telly or embedded below. Draxtor Despres also filmed two events with commentary. You can hopefully still watch the archived video of The Super Surfing Squid Race and the Offroad Dodgem Car Race on Escapades Island TWITCH channel.



So thats it for another year, it was a lot of hard work, but it was all worth it seeing all the snapshots on SL feed from all those who had fun. The next year promises to be even better as the grid is more stable than ever before. Thank you everyone who supports the Island 🙂

Airships, Whale riders & Unicorns in space, oh my!

So over the weekend was the 3rd Anniversary of Escapades Island, technically my personal sandbox of adventure.

We followed the same pattern as previous years starting a small adventure to find a missing friend called Tepic. Then it was the Founders Tea party. In the past the tea party them has been mad Hatter and Wizard of Oz, this time i went with 2001: Space Odyssey complete with moon and used the strange black Monolith as the table. We had fun griefing ourselves.

On day 2 the saturday, events kicked off with the Sky Pirates Air Balloon competition. An arial battle between about 6 Air Ships each with a Gunner and Pilot. The winner being the last balloon in the sky and made for excellent viewing entertainment. After the Airships DJ Gemini returned to host the Pirate Tavern Party before the final event of the day where little Goblin Briknal came asking for help. After a brief chat with the Goblin King the Goonies set off to rescue kidnapped Goblin Babies from the Evil Grand Master who lives in his secret base deep under the island. After 5 years of hearing his voice over radio and after fighting their way down into the secret base the Goonies Gang finally met the evil big lizard pirate in person.


The Grand Master reveals himself to the Goonies for the first time!

Unfortunately the Goonies mission to rescue the Goblin Babies hit a snag when the Grand Master blended them all in giant blender and in doing so created a new type of Gelatinous Blue Cube. The Goonies defeated the cubes and the Grand Master and even his servant Glorb before returning to the Goblin King to deliver the bad news. Understandably the Goblin King was not best pleased with the Goonies hack job of a rescue and now see’s them as a menace on the island.

On the final day, Sunday, events started with the Extreme Whale race where Group members got the chance to own and customise an extreme whale. The result was a hilarious and fun race. Soon after the race the tradition Goony Beach party began hosted by ME, DJ Loki but interrupted by a Goony Separatist invasion lead by my own little brother SCUM! Things resembled a griefer attack as Goonies struggled to find effective weapons in their inventories. In the end a truce was agreed, i think, im not quite sure how it ended. It did end just in time for the very final event of the weekend, the Mega Brawl in which i rezzed as many monsters from my inventory as possible. Many Goonies where tired of battling at this point but a handful of visitors managed to hang in there and not crash.


So thats it for another year and on reflection i think perhaps the Goonies are getting tired of random pointless battles and dance parties but races and competitive competitions are still popular. Now I’m going to have a short break before starting work on Babbage and Halloween stuffs.

Oh and here is a video of the highlights of the weekend 🙂


Escapades Island 3rd Anniversary Plans

This weekend marks the 3rd anniversary since Escapades Island was set up on the grid. The story is before Escapades was Goony Island, a homestead with limits and stability issues. Making the choice to upgrade to a full sim opened doors to a barrage of creativity that is still going strong. The old pre-drax files Documentary promised a region full of adventure and stories and while i’m not convinced ive succeeded with the stories part, the adventure is there.


Escapades Residents and Goony Members will find a free V3 Longsleeve shirt in a group notice or outside the club house.

So to celebrate the 3rd year of Escapades island and to say thanks to those who live on the island and by doing so help support its continued existence we have a weekend of events lined up. Its basically the same as the previous two years starting with the founders tea party and ending with the mega brawl between which will be races, competitions small RP stories and parties.

Two parties for people to gather and reminisce the days of old grid are planned. The Pirate Party on Saturday at 1pm slt in the John King Tavern hosted by DJ Gemini is usually a great pirate atmosphere and with the upgraded Tavern Brawl game this year should be ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!! The second party will be on Sunday at 1pm and is a beach party with slide and inflatable monster.

As for competitions, there will first be a large scale Airship Battle on Saturday at 11pm SLT. The Sky Pirates game is a co-op game where a Gunner and Pilot battle against other Airship pairs for dominance of the skies. Who ever is left wins Sky Pirates Battle Cup and an Escapades trophy ( Grab a co-pilot and visit HERE to get some practice in before battle commences. Click the Barrel).

On Sunday at 12pm SLT there will be a great Whale Race in which contestants race each other around the Island. Tropheys will be rewarded to first, second and Third Places. We might even have a Shopping trolly race, thats not yet been confirmed. Everyone is welcome to come take part or just watch the hilarity unfold.

For role players there will be a goony adventure on Friday at 12pm slt as the gang search New babbage for a missing friend called Tepic. On Saturday at 3pm slt a special Escapades event will occur so make sure you are on the island ready to ask questions and uncover a mystery. Also if you visit Nemo beach you may find clues to possible Goony Separatists activity.

All in all this weekend looks set to be the most action packed Anniversary Escapades has seen yet!


The Escapades Island 2nd Anniversary Weekend #SL

There is a new term that i am starting to use to describe time in Second Life, ‘Before Escapades’ and After ‘Goony Island’. For four years starting from Sunrise Sim with Anshichung, to then Goony Island on a homestead so much had happened. Then we upgraded to Escapades Island full sim and everything changed in SL with new viewers, Mesh changes at the LAB, new CEO’s. So in a way before Escapades is the old Second Life, and after Escapades i see it as the New Second Life.

Over the weekend we celebrated the second anniversary since the upgrade from a homestead to a full region and the renaming from ‘Goony’ to ‘Escapades’. Last year the festivities were simply a celebration of surviving the first year what with the tier being so high and rentals being so low. If it were not for the islands supporters and generous donations it most likely would have fallen through.

This year i can look back with a cheeky grin. Not only are we almost at full rental capacity my Mesh shop business is doing great and this has allowed me the comfortability steam ahead rebuilding stuff in Mesh, learning more scripting and modelling. All this of course means more exciting crazy stuff on the island later this year.


As for the Anniversary weekend, as we did last year we held events on Friday, saturday and sunday so fans of Escapades Island could at least attend one of the events.


On Friday…

1. Special Goonies adventure to a haunted hospital. We did try to go to another haunted house but that was so lagged out due to being on destination guide, we decided to try this other place. “DADDY LONG LEGS AND DEAD THINGS MIKEY, DEAD THINGS!”

“Is it dead, anyone got a stick?”


2. The Founders Tea Party. Last year it was a theme based on mad hatters tea party. This year it was based on the Wizard of Oz.

Snapshot by Nat Merit



On the Saturday…

1. Started off with a Mini Tug Boat Race. Was surprised with how many people turned up to this and it was hilarious fun watch.

Snapshot by Marianne Mccann


2. Pirate Party. My Brother Gemini Enfield took to the decks in the John King Tavern playing spiffing pirate rock while us delinquents through chairs at each other and danced on tables.

Buried under broken tables and chairs, a pirate life for me.


3. Pirate Ship Battle. The Grand Masters Obedient servant Glorb (an NPC character on Escapades) challenged the young pirates to a ship battle. Of course Glorb was the looser.



On Sunday….

1. Beach Party. Started the evening with a beach party but the Cliffside Cabins playing Ska Punk and teenage rock. High point was seeing a unicorn go down the curly whirly water slide, something you’d only see in Second Life.


2. Trolly Race. Following the Beach party was the Steam Powered Shopping Trolly Race. Couples raced each other in Shopping trolleys around rickety Town centre for the Escapades Trophies. The lead changed hands three or four times before the Girls won.

The hardest part seemed to be avoiding the giant stone sculpture in the town square


3. THE MEGA BRAWL. The final event of the weekend was a massive Mega Brawl in which i razzed what ever bad guys and monsters i could find in my inventory for the gang to defend from. This is usually a game off who can last the longest before they crash or the sim crashes. I rezzed Bugs, Goblins, Gelatinous Cubes, Daleks, Lizardmen, Head Crabs, Zombies, Worms, Zombie worms, Rats, Wasps and evil pooping pigeons. so thats a total of 12 different monsters some times up to 50 monsters battling it out and did the sim crash? Nope, infact people were surprised how well it all performed. So this is a sign of the improved performance over the last year not only from using mesh, but also from Linden Labs continued work.

There are about 6 kids under all that somewhere trying to fight their way out


All in all it was a great weekend, fun and full of laughs. I got to see some old faces id not seen in a while and got to know new faces better. Here’s to a 3rd year of Escapades!

You can see highlight from all these events in this 18 minute machinima… enjoy!

If you get a ‘Sign in with evil Facebook to watch video‘ banner, dont panic as you dont have to, just go to this link

The Escapades Beltane Wickerman 2012 #SL

Once again the Goonies & friends gathered on Escapades Island to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of Spring heralding the start of the Summer Months. It’s an odd time of the year and in a way this feels more like a new year than that forced celebration in January. The Beltaine Wickerman is more personal celebration in Second Life and many look forward to it as it symbolises their connection to SL.

photos taken by Yti, Nat &Teddy

The event  calls for reflection of the past year and of looking forward to the future, something that had more relevance this year. Not only has Second Life been through massive changes during the last year but many of my friends including myself lost very important friends and family.

While some fellow SL users have gone off on their own paths, they still took time to come and amongst friends on Escapades Mountain. There where also great new friends who have arrived during the past year and enjoyed the atmosphere of their first ever Beltaine Wickerman.


dance with me, my darling
as the winds of change arrive
and wipes so very clean
the frozen slate of time.

the wind is but the brush
the colors ever-changing.
can’t you hear the rush
of spring flowers blooming?

gone now is the winter chill
representing more than you know.
whatever comes is what will…
say farewell to falling snow!

by ~Audra~


Standing with all the people on the Mountain watching the Wickerman Burn and collapse, it was clear to me SL is far from dead or dying.