The Second Childhood Network 2.1 #SL

For those who have never heard of it, the second Childhood Network was a project i started back in April 2009. It was a destination guide centred around my home community of Child Avatars with the aim to connect them all.

The Original worked well but was limited in its expansion and hard to update plus it would sometimes freeze and not work. The new version is much easier to maintain, and update, is more intuitive with more options and also does not stop working needing a script reset.

At the moment Viewer2’s built in web browser still will not open SLURL’s with 2 words to the SIMs name, but i have seen that this has been fixed in new Betas. In the meantime you can still access the network by clicking a small button to open the network in an external browser.

Anyways here are some examples of how the new 2.1 Kiosk works as well as details for people to submit their locations. You do not need to be a child avatar only location to be on the Second Childhood Network Kiosk, just Child avatar friendly.


I am currently taking submissions for Kid friendly places to be added to the Second Childhood Network.
Each participant of the SCN are expected to have an SCN Kiosk placed at their location. The Kiosk will use Shared media on a 6 Prim object with a button for Viewer1 users to click out to an external browser
To request being added you must supply these details in an email to
1. Subject heading must be ‘SCN SUBMISSION’
2. Your Second Life name
3. A brief description of your place
4. Which category you want your place listed. Adventure&exploration, Shopping, Clubs, Family Fun, Adoption or Roleplaying
5. An SLURL of the exact place you plan to place your network Kiosk.
6. A screen shot of your Place.
7. The Times your Place is most busy *optional*
8. Your Places website *optional*
I will then send you a Kiosk and will update the database with your submission ASAP.

Third Update on the Second Childhood Network #SL

Six months ago i set about using shared media to produce in effect a ‘PrimApp’ to replace the old prim & script bulky Kid Avatar Destination kiosk. Those who regularly read my rants will know i came across a show stopping bug where viewer2 would not recognise an SLURL with two words to the sims name. This Bug did not just effect media on a prim, it also effected the built in viewer.

I filed jira bug report and a few friends backed me up on how important it was to fix this bug. Linden Lab however did not feel it effected that many people and so reduced it to a ‘Minor’ defect.

I have moved this issue down in priority. This does not affect a large number of users.

So we come to January where Linden Lab announces new browser based profiles which includes your photo, classifieds, groups, and … Picks. Suddenly Linden Lab have a need to fix my bug as any profile Picks will not open properly, and guess what.. they have.

Suddenly the Bug they said was just a minor problem that only effects a few is a MAJOR bug now that it effects THEIR plans to innovate. Viewer2.6 Beta which is the first to include the new profiles fixes the bug that i have been asking them to fix since august last year.

So what happened? Were they waiting for what SamuelLinden said was a ‘qtwebkit’ issue to be updated before rolling out new web based profiles, or did they suddenly decide, ‘oh crap we suddenly really need to fix that bug that does not effect many people’

Any ways it’s fixed now and i can move on to making the SC Network…. well almost.
The Viewer2.6 beta has a few glitches that prevent me on my Mac from actually using what ive already built. Works fine on a PC, just not on a mac so i guess they’ll give it minor priority. Filled a new Jira. But i fully expected them to release the final 2.6 with this bug.

In the mean time i will start gathering submissions to the SC Network for the PC users of SL.

Using Apples iAd Producer to build #SL Shared Media PrimApps on #SLviewer2

This week Apple released iAd Producer software designed to make building simple, interactive Adverts for iPhone & iPad. It is AWESOME to use, so intuitive that i did not even have to read any instruction PDF’s i just got stuck in and built fun iAd Apps.

One of the softwares features is the ability to export as a webapp in safari in order to test quickly your results. It was here i suddenly thought this could be used in SL on a prim via shared media.

Anyone with a bit of a design sense can pic up iAd Producer and build interactive PrimApps allowing people in SL to click through information, adverts, videos ect. Of course what i would love to use it for is to build useful network. Those who have followed my blog know that i made an AWESOME community network destination kiosk, but a bug in either the webkit Linden Lab uses or Viewer2 it self causes the viewer to not recognise double worded SIM names in SLURLs. Read and vote for it to be fixed on the JIRA

I mocked up a quick version of a community network kiosk using iAd Developer in just 15 minutes, but the SLURL bug still persists so all you will see is the potential.

I also created a test Comic book on a prim app which allows you to drag and swipe the pages on a prim. All this is pretty awesome, shame all my friends persist on not using viewer2.

Its getting harder to build content for everyone in Second Life, with the Grid Community fragmented across many different viewers. Whats the point in spending money and time building a world of interactive MESH monsters with shared media enhanced information about them, if nobody i know can see it?

Second Update on the Second Childhood Network #SL

So it’s been two months since i tried to update the SCN using the promising new feature ‘Shared Media’, it’s still broke and a fix does not look likely anytime soon.

I was hopeful when Torley Linden jumped on board to champion the exposure of the bug on the Jira and it was listed as a major thing to be fixed. Since then its been reduced to a minor bug that according to Samuel Linden “does not affect a large number of users.”

So it has become a sit and wait affair “This is a defect in webkit source, and is a known bug in qtwebkit. We will test this with version 4.7 and see if it still occurs.” So until the qtwebkit community fixes the bug, shared media in SL will continue to have the bug which wont allow web on a prim to open a landmark address of a two worded sim name into the side bar.

Some have suggested a work around where the shared media content loads up an SLURL map, but i want it done properly or not at all for a change, rather than everything having to be a hackjob around bugs and instability.

I’ve had a lot of interest in the SCN, more than i expected seeing as most of the people i know will not admit to using viewer2 which is needed to use the SCN kiosk. I have to keep telling them to vote on the jira but if the Labs response is to simply wait for the QTwebkit people to fix the problem, then i cant see much point in voting at this point.

In the meantime, relax sit back and just browse websites and watch youtube vids on a prim. 🙂

Update on the Second Childhood Network #SL

So work has started on the sequel to my Second Childhood Network Kiosk. The Original was well received a year and a half ago, but was rather difficult to update, and with the current economic climate in SL, many places don’t stay around for long. The Kiosk also had other drawbacks.
• used scripts
• was 8 physical prims
• rezzed almost 30 temp prims
• Slowed down to a crawl if in a busy sim
• time consuming to update
• Limited number of places can be added

I had been working with some people trying to inspire new ideas on how to introduce categories, it all seemed to difficult to script. Then along came shared media.

Shared media allows the implementation of a website, graphic or video onto the surface of a prim. This opened up the door to making a basic small website to be an inworld interface on a prim (Prim App). It might not be as animated as the original, but the benefits outway that.
• Only 5 physical prims
• No Scripts
• Works fast on busy sims
• no temp rezzed prims
• Unlimited amount of places can be added
• Categories
• Easy to update.

One issue is that Shared Media is a feature only available at this time on the official LL viewer2.0 which most people hate. BUT if emerald ad it to their browser and LL finally bring out a better viewer then this will be the best way to travel between the Kids community. I even have ideas of making it into a hud.

The Second Issue is that there appears to be a BUG in the LL Viewer 2.0 which wont allow regions with two or more names to open a landmark inside the viewer. I contacted Torely Linden and opend a Jira, so perhaps this will be fixed in a next update. Until then the second Childhood Network 2.0 is on hold.

Torely’s awesome video about the bug using the SCN2 for example