Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 6

This weekend i will be meeting with Kris somehow and giving the go ahead for the Upgrading of Goony to the new Full SIM. No longer will the island be known as Goony, but a name that best describes what i feel many of my friends come to SL for. Some people have spoken out at how the upgrade seems purely profit motivated feeling that the high prices of rent is just to fill my pockets. There is a bigger picture than just making a profit from rentals that i feel im not getting that across to everyone.

So what will there be?

• A brand new Bigger Island

• Puzzle Quests to explore with friends (Follow clues to find objects that lead to other clues and uncover parts of stories.)

• A Social Website to join (hopefully integrated into SL via Shared Media)

• New Shop Store Inworld & Market Place(which will allow residents to submit to without the need for shop space)

• Adventure Guild (other adventure SIMS that collaborate with goony island)

• Themed Sandbox

• Activities (goony got talent, parties, contests, social gatherings, Tutorials)

• a NOOB point

• Plots to rent as your own place

And thats not including what the Pro Plotters are plotting 🙂

So whats the bigger picture?

The SL Goonies is a group of adventurous people who crave fun adventures. The New island wants to give that group and other groups a place to have those kind of adventures but not only that, it will strive to give those groups the ability to interact and socialise, because sharing the adventures is very important. Linden Lab are starting to provide Pro Residents the tools needed to create truly engaging interactive and social experiences.

Second Life has been a huge help for me in becoming more confident, creative and understanding about myself and others. It has helped me open up to the world. Socialising through an avatar with people from around the globe with many different social backgrounds expands your views in a way Psychologist are only now starting to write papers on. If it’s possible that socialising with the groups on the new island helps others understand themselves for the better, then i believe a project like this is really worth striving for no matter how much hardwork it is.

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 5

Everyone is hard at work testing out ideas, sketching up plans for the new island. Unfortunately the island wont be upgraded until all the pro plots have been reserved by people committed to the project. At least 6 Pro Plots still are unclaimed so the next couple of weeks is a push to find people who are interested in being part of the adventure.

Some seem possibly put off by the price of rent on the island. The way we see it, you are paying for the rent of the land with a bit extra to help pay for the maintenance of the island and its adventures & quests.

As part of this push to find interested people i have created a short documentary about Goony Island.
The excitement is really building, spread the word!

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 4

The Second Life Ecosystem.

One of the main reasons for embarking on the Goony2.0 project is for rather selfish reasons of making money. In the old days you could come into SL, set up a shop and quite easily make yur money back on rental. A lot has changed since then and because i have not been selfish enough to charge more for the fun i hand out, Goony Island has had to rely on donations from all it’s kind visitors.

A lot of people in SL now know that there is an ecosystem to owning land, creating and consuming.

So with Goony Island i’ll be at the top three. Those who rent a pro plot and create and sell on the island, they also will be producing and organising for the consumers who i hope will come from all over SL. If it all works we will have an island thats fun to visit with quality products on offer, and the consumers will enjoy what we do and reward us, and in turn we will be inspired to continue creating for these consumers. This is the Ecosystem Goony2.0 will aim for.

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 3

All eyes were on Linden Lab last week as they axed over 100 employees in its apparent shift in direction. Some say LL is in some kind of financial trouble. Others are saying LL are shifting focus from getting real world businesses to use SL to rebuilding the abused andtired long supporting residents of SL. This maybe to late as news blogs who once used to poke fun at Phillip Linden and his funky fellow Lindens, now rip the shit out of every word of M Lindens blog posts. Second Life feels like its on the edge of revolution.

In the middle of all this i’m trying to kick start the Goony.2.0 Project and while Linden Lab continue to screw up new viewers, social networking web sites and promises of future goodness, I’m pushing ahead to make and manage a great SIM regardless.

My biggest hurdle right now is getting the word out about goony island. I will have to work harder to get people on board and to help i’ve made a new website about the Island.
Visit it www.goony2.0.whatever

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 2

So the presentation is open for all to see. During the 25th anniversary of the Goonies party i held a small adventure to remind the Goonies just how much fun we already have on a Homestead. Imagine what will be possible with a full sim!?

To visit an inworld presentation which displays a scaled map of the planned island and all its crazy new ideas click here >>

Also you can watch a small video of the presentation right here as long as you have quicktime installed.

To see this video full size click HERE