What i’ve taken away from Burn2 2010 #SL #Burn2

Well Burn2 is drawing to a close and i can honestly say that i have been CRAP this year. I may have contributed with a build but in all i’ve done nothing really. I haven’t done an SLC race, i haven’t even walked around the place. I just have not been in the Burn spirit … Read moreWhat i’ve taken away from Burn2 2010 #SL #Burn2

Burning Life 2010, i mean #Burn2 #SL

Ok another year has past and Burning Life is back, the koolest event in SL is now only run by volunteers and has nothing to do with Linen Lab. Because of this, the event could be a much smaller affair, but the Burners there are enthusiastic and will do their best to bring the spirit … Read moreBurning Life 2010, i mean #Burn2 #SL

Burning Life 09 – The End

So Burning Life events Draws to a close for another year. It’s been a mad week, but seems like months. The amount of fun we’ve packed into that week has exhausted me. We opened with a great show by M’n’K, Had a crazy bumble Bear race and lagged out 4 or 5 SIMs with our … Read moreBurning Life 09 – The End

Burning Life 09 – Burning of the Man & Burning the Kid?

Saturday saw the official Burning of the Man. It was a really amazing atmosphere with drums and so many avatars. Everyone was in great spirit as the sun set. I had not seen so many avatars in one place since the protests about open Spaces. I got myself a really nice spot and watched as … Read moreBurning Life 09 – Burning of the Man & Burning the Kid?

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