#SL14B What’s inside his head?

It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate to the continuation of the original Metaverse thats been long forgotten or shrugged off as silly nonsense by NeoVR kids. 

I must confess this year was hard to set aside time for, so those expecting an immersive HUD driven adventure voiced by Little Drax will probably be disappointed. Instead i present to you something thats small and rather simple….. ‘What’s inside his head’

The arty installation invites you into the mind of a sleeping boy who decided to sleep through tough times and as such has slept for quite a long time. But inside his mind the boy is still having a whale of a time and you can join the party.

As i have been recently exploring Photogrammetry i decided to scan in my own nephew to be the centrepiece. The crazy characters in his head were also scanned as was the interior. I’m very interested in the process of making things in reality and then importing to Virtual Reality and hope to have more interesting examples during the rest of this year.



In the mean time, please visit my sleeping Nephew, take a look in his head, grab the free gifts and have a great week at SL14B! you can find him in the centre of the Spellbound region of SL14B

SL13B: Shared Adventure into Knightmare

On Sunday 12pm slt the doors open for the Second Life community to flood the SL13B regions celebrating thirteen years of the virtual world platform. After Fantasy Faire i chose to make something small… that didn’t go to plan.

Shared Adventures

My exhibit this year focuses on my group of friends in Second Life called the SL Goonies. The group was founded back in 2005 to recapture the nostalgia of childhood adventures, celebrating the spirit of the classic 80s movie ‘The Goonies’ and other magical memories of childhood. The SL13B theme this year is ‘Shared Adventures’ and for the first time i think my exhibit captures the spirit of the theme more than any previous year.


Dungeons & Knightmares

At SL13B i invite you to try and master the Dungeons under the castle ruins, solving riddles and navigating passages to reach the Crystal at the centre of the dungeon. There is one catch… you can not do it alone. This is an adventure to be shared and so you must bring a friend with you to help each other. There are also guides that will give guidance along the way.


SL Experience

The exhibit uses the Second Life Experience tools to make a seamless flowing adventure which starts at the entrance tot he dungeon at the top of the ruined castle. Simply click the sign to don the Helmet of justice then enter the doorway.




I hope everyone finds time to check out the adventure and all the many other exhibits at this years SLB community festival. This will be the last Second Life Birthday celebration before Project Sansar appears on the scene and while many scramble over all the new shiny Virtual Reality hype, it’s still nice to see so many groups with so much energy still put into Second Life after 13 years.

Happy Birthday Second Life!

What Second Life means to Loki

Linden Lab invited the users of Second Life to come up with short videos based around the theme ‘What Second Life means to me’

Drax was all like ‘You totally gotta do this’ and i was like ‘ I’m totally to busy making the SL12B exhibit!’. Well now the exhibit is done andSL12B is almost over, i found some time to make a quick video. Created from clips from the past few years and some taken at Sl12B i arranged a little video with a few words on thoughts about why i joined SL and why I’m still there.

Thanks everyone who supports and inspires me and loves all the crazy stuff i do, you are all awesome!

What Second Life means to me – Loki Eliot from Loki Eliot on Vimeo.

Check out other great ‘What Second Life means to me’ videos at the official forum.

Return to Childhood Dreams at #SL12B

This weekend see’s the opening of the annual community led anniversary of all things Second Life. Each year i try and do better than before in showing whats possible do do in SL and each year there is one or two people who say something like “I remember the Childhood Dreams Dome.”

It all started when….
In 2008 i set about building something new for SL5B. It was a collaboration with friends of the Chid Avatar Community to build a large interactive story book. The hope being that it would enlighten people to what the child avatar community was all about.

But a certain american congressman had scared Linden Lab with threats of shutting Second Life down unless SL had better safeguards for real children. Somehow this caused a bizarre situation where i was told i would not be able to take part at SL5B as a child avatar for the child avatars.

“So… they’ve asked me to break it to you that you kids can’t have an exhibit there. and it’s really kills me cause I think you’re realy cool”

Well it all flaired up into massive drama and lots of people complained and Linden Lab did a U-Turn eventually allowing me to do my exhibit as long as i changed the name from Slumberland to Childhood Dreams. The exhibit was well received and many of my friends today remember the exhibit with great fondness.


Returning to the Dreams Dome
For SL12B i decided to bring back the Childhood Dreams Dome in part because many new friends never got a chance to see it, and also because i was interested to see how i would tackle the project now that i can use Mesh, better scripting and Experience Tools.

Before you simply read and clicked signs to get the story. This time story pops up as you walk around, so there is no clicking needed.

As for rebuilding all the models in mesh rather than prims, some stuff is more detailed and how i originally envisioned them to be. Other stuff is pretty much the same as it was since i didn’t want it to be to different from the original. While the build does not push the limits of Second Life content creation, the new Experience Tools allows the story to take centre stage.

Anyways i hope everyone who visits has a great time. Happy 12th Anniversary Second Life and i look forward to the coming years as there is still plenty to explore and do there.

Visit the Childhood Dreams Dome HD when SL12B opens on sunday 21st June!

Video also on Daily Motion

Second Life, turned up to 11

Since SL10B things have been interesting in that there has been a real focus shift towards Virtual Reality and new platforms,  although it kinda feels Second Life got reluctantly pushed amongst the hip VR crowd… anyways screw all that Oculus VR rubbish. 

It wasn’t until i started playing around with High Fidelity that i realised just how much we take for granted stuff like the mesh importer, the chat set up, the sense of scale and presence in virtual space, Inventory,  how simple SL actually is for what it does and provides. I think as other platforms finally rise, we will suddenly be a lot more appreciative of what those who worked on Second Life achieved… if not, then we should.

As we party into SL11B I’m cautiously optimistic but also incredibly upbeat about whats now possible in SL. In the past few weeks we finally saw an end to project sunshine, which to be honest i can’t tell if its improved things or not since like everything the lab does it was a gradual thing that i never really noticed. I still crash in busy places, and while Avatar faces and skin loads super fast, their mesh clothes seem to have increasing difficulty. But things have improved and you can see this when looking back at old videos.


Building, turned up to 11

This time last year the materials feature was just out, and since then i’ve got to grips with Normal Maps and Specular maps, all of these things i knew nothing about until it was added to SL and it really has taken everything i build up a notch. Combing Material mapping, mesh modelling, Alpha masking and Lighting can produce truly amazing results that were never possible before.


Since SL10B the Material Mapping feature has allowed me to create spaces with incredible atmosphere.


Clothing, turned up to 11

I hate fitted Mesh, well… i mean… i hate that i haven’t quite figured it out yet. The Lab didn’t just add mesh import, they designed an interface for importing mesh with lots of considered options with previews. Fitted Mesh is sort of a hack job slapped on, you can’t even preview the fitted aspects of your creations, you just upload and cry as you end up spiky to infinity.

My experience with fitted mesh is a combination of Experimental Avastar, beta Blender and Original Mesh Avatars, so i basically made it as hard as i possibly could to start with. But my first Mesh Avatar is partially fitted which for now is enough for what i want to do and I’m sure by Sl12B Avastar and fitted mesh will mature.

The Combination of Fitted Mesh, Materials and Alpha Masking is also allowing for some fantastic effects and surfaces on clothing to rival AAA games. I’m also considering a step backwards for my clothes. I’m increasingly aware now that not everyone is comfortable being on the bleeding edge of whats possible in SL, so while i work on a mesh avatar with accompanying clothing, i will also make clothing more tuned for use with old default avatars.

I think we are at a point now where Mesh Avatars will really start taking off, and perhaps we’ll see a competitive battle for users and supporters while working around the limitations of the base avatars everything is built on.


Other than loosing quite a bit of weight, my avatar is starting o look increasingly detailed thanks again to material mapping, making pictures from 2007 look 2D rather than 3D.


Experiences , turned up to 11

Im still waiting for the Experience Tools being released. I’ve read a few blogs recently saying Linden Lab will announce a Beta next month, but i simply don’t believe that, it’s all just an elaborate tease as they know how much i want the experience tools.

If it was true, i would be able to Ask you for permission to be god when you arrive at Escapades Island, then i could attach a HUD to you that would give you a stick and a mission to complete and off you go. Meet a troll who asks you a question, get the question wrong and i can animate you as you are swallowed by the troll and teleported inside the trolls tummy where you meet a Goblin who asks you to help him escaped the troll.

It’s all a combination of HUD story telling, teleporting, attachments and animating all of which i can can do now, just need to assign all the parts to ONE experience which you can give permission to. Really it’s all a matter of trust, will you trust a boy called Loki to animate, teleport and attach things to you :-p


There are some amazing experiences in Second Life already , the Experience Permissions will simply make them easier and more immersive to use. If you haven’t tried this epic viking ride at Folkvang at Lexicolo region, check it out!


Ignoring the VR Hype, turned up to 11

So regardless of the news of SecondSecondLife, HyFy, FaceBookWorld, Oculus and born again VR evangelists, Second life this year is emerging from its dark ages into a time of enlightenment. More stability and the maturing of features & tools are allowing us to create some stunning works and new experiences.  I don’t want to speculate about how awesome things will be in future, things are already awesome, and getting better each day… or each month at least. In regards to how Linden Lab will compete with other platforms, the other platforms don’t have us users backing them… did i say backing, i meant standing behind the Lab with sticks shouting “FIX THIS , FIX THAT, WHY DID YOU ADD USERNAMES!????”

Anyways, Happy 11th anniversary Second Life, it’s changed how i view the world and the infinite variety of people living on it and allowed me to share my dreams in so many creative ways.