My Hopes for Second Life & other things in 2019

2018 was a tough year, it seemed to relentlessly run it’s course so rapidly that i didn’t feel as if i had time to relax into anything at all. Just kept moving from one thing to another.  I think i achieved a lot of what i planned to do this year, but am leaving 2018 … Read moreMy Hopes for Second Life & other things in 2019


Where would SL be without groups? In the early days i’d wager that groups gave Second Life the concurrent users it needed to explode. You arrived, you made an identity for yourself, explored and then you found a group, maybe more than one group to feel part of a community and that’s why you started … Read moreGROUPS

My Virtual World avatar is now A TEENAGER!

On Sunday my Virtual world persona reached the scary age of thirteen, and so came an onslaught of well intended friendly advise about puberty… all over again . It’s now been one year since i made the switch to an all mesh Bento avatar in Second Life and during that year i have steadily made … Read moreMy Virtual World avatar is now A TEENAGER!

It’s time to change things

All this talk of VR and Sansar could lead you to believe i don’t do anything anymore in the biggest user created Virtual World. Following Fantasy Faire i’ve been slowly building up accessories for my Kid avatar range, built a new mega store and created BMX bikes. I scanned in some old shoes that seemed … Read moreIt’s time to change things

It’s lonely being a MacOS VR User

This time last year i was waiting for apple to release a new Mac any Mac as a sign of there being continued progress from apple in the desktop market. I’m fed up with Apples obsession with shiny health trinkets and Music. Apple did finally release a new iMac but to my surprise they also … Read moreIt’s lonely being a MacOS VR User

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