If you run into any issues with your avatar perhaps you may find an answer here.

Q. How do i access the built in menus?

A. hover cursor over left ankle until it changes to a hand and click for the menu to pop up. 

Occasionally SecondLife will reset where you Avatar attaches. If this happens the control box will not work. To fix this you must right click your avatar in the inventory and choose ‘ATTCH TO’ then select from he list ‘LOWER LEFT LEG’. The avatar should then attach to the right location and access to menu should return.

Q. When i wear the Avatar i appear invisible?

A. Loki Avatars now use Bakes on Mesh. This means you no longer need to wear the old ’TOTAL INVISIBLE’ Alpha masks that used to hide the default Second Life avatar from poking out of your mesh Avatars. If you appear invisible when wearing Loki Avatars 2.0, then you maybe still be wearing an Alpha Mask file.

Q. My Avatar appears to have a red face or appears plain white?

A. Loki Avatars now use Bakes on Mesh. This means your avatars Skin is determined by separate SKIN files located in your inventory avatar folder. You Need to make sure you are wearing the Loki Avatars Skin Base file which will make your avatar white. Then you wear the skin tone file of your choice which will be displayed

on top of white. Using Skins files can be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of them you will quickly realise how much easier it makes modifying the Skins of your Loki Avatar.

Q. Is there an order to the how the SKIN Files are worn?

A. Yes, the Base Skin file will always be at the bottom, every additional skin worn is stacked on top of the other. 

Q. There used to be a lot more Skin Tone Choices?

A. Skin tone options have been moved to a separate SKIN Files Pack available for free at the Inworld Megastore.

Q. How Short can i be?

A. By editing your shape’s hight and Leg, Hip and Neck length your Loki Avatar can be as short as 1.37ft

Q. Why do i look so skinny?

 A.  Loki Avatars edit sliders are set differently to classic avatars. Classic Kid avatars appear small as a result of having their edit sliders set to zero. Loki avatars appear kid sized at 50/50 slider setting so you have freedom to appear skinnier or fatter. Try checking your shapes slider settings and raising them to put on weight.

Q. Why do the clothes i just tried on stretch and bulge out?

A. It sounds like those clothes are ‘fitted mesh’ clothes. Only specific ‘fitted mesh’ clothes designed for loki avatars will work with Loki Avatars. Check if the creators offered ‘Regular fitted’ clothes as they should look ok. Many creators offer both ‘fitted’ and ‘regular’ options.

Q. Why is there a gap in my neck?

A. Due to limitations with Bento and Avastar the mesh body has to be cut into parts. This can sometimes result in a very small gap to appear in the neck and ankles. Hopefully some day this can be avoided.

Q. Are Loki Avatars omega compatible?

A. No, Loki Avatars use different UVmaps than the old classic avatars and there for will not be able to use omega skins.

Q. Can i customise the skins on my Loki Avatar?

A. Yes, in the creators section you can download all the textures used by the Loki Avatars, along with material maps and UV map templates in order to create your own skins for yourself or to share or sell to others.

Q. Can i use my old Default avatars tattoos on Loki Avatars?

A. No, Loki Avatars use different UV maps from the Second Life default maps so Skins & Tattoos made for other avatars are not likely to work with Loki Avatars.

Q. I can hardly see my belly button and nipples!

A. Body details are created using material maps which require you to have ‘Advanced Lighting’ enabled in the Second Life Viewers graphics settings in order to see them.

Q. Will SMB clothes fit Loki Avatars?

A. In many cases SMB and Tweenster clothes may fit Loki Avatars but it’s not guaranteed. If you find a clothing range that works well with Loki Avatars please tell Loki Eliot so he can recommend to others.

Q. Can i use my old Loki Clothes with the new avatars?

A. The new avatars were created to be more compatible with SMB size clothing. Many of the old Loki Clothes should still fit if you use the SMB size options.

Q. Why does Ruthus characters neck look jagged?

A. The Ruthus character was an attempt to allow users to recreate their classic avatars head shapes, but while slider editing support mostly works it’s impossible to completely replicate the classic avatar head. In the CHIN section of the shape editor both 'JAW ANGLE' and 'CHIN-NECK' deform neck under the chin in almost exactly the same way. If you are having issues with a jagged neck, please check 'JAW ANGLE' and 'CHIN-NECK sliders'. One can cancel out the other.

Q. How do i get my avatar updated?

A. Visit the inworld mega store and stand on the Updater machine. Then bring up the avatars built in menu and goto Advanced>UpdateCheck. The Machine should then give you the latest version of the Avatar.

If you have a question thats not listed here, don’t hesitate to IM Loki Eliot in Second Life.

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