Watch the video to see how to use the many features in Loki Avatars.


Loki Avatars now use bakes on a mesh to easily change skin tones plus add your own custom skins and layer tattoos on top of your avatars skin.

The way it works is the first Skin should always be the blank "Loki Avatar Base Skin" inventory file. Then wear the Skin tone you prefer. Every skin file you wear on top such as facepaints or tattoos gets stacked over the previous. 

Each Loki Avatar comes packed with features accessible from a built in menu that pops up when you click your avatars heel.


Animated hand poses for both or one hand. Grip a weapon, ball into a fist or set to a relaxed finger movement animation. Hands also react to ‘Bento’ animations.


Choose from a selection of animated facial expressions to help express your avatars mood. From Happy, to Sad, angry, frightened, moods add that extra personality to your avatar.


Loki Avatars also have a built in talking animation for when you are typing in local chat.


Built in masking presets help you quickly mask the avatar from poking through clothing accessories. There is also options for more precise combinations of masking. 

*Whilst not created for specific use with SMB or Tweenster clothes, some may find varying success with fitting and masking. Please refer to Q&A for more.


Loki Avatars will appear wet when in Second Life water then take a few minutes to gradually dry out. Via the built in menu you can choose for your avatar to appear wet, sweaty or dry skin. This effect also extends to many clothing accessories specifically created for Loki Avatars.

*Hair in promotional material sold separately. Visit Accessories page for more details.

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