Loki Avatars wants you to have as much freedom to customise your avatar as much as possible, part of being a kid avatar is these urge to customise and create. Wether you want to make entirely new clothes  models,  customise or create new skins, or  re-texture  prefab  accessories, Loki Avatars has you covered.


Some Loki Avatars clothing will have a full permissions ‘Prefab’ version that includes templates allowing for creating your own texture designs to share or sell to other users.

These Prefabs are available at Lokis Inworld Store.



Here you can download a zipped folder containing all variations of the Loki Avatar base Skin Tones along with materials and UVMaps for creating custom skins and tattoos for the Loki Avatars. 



For pro creators who want to make new clothing shapes using the original mesh, here you can download a blender file containing the base shape for Loki Avatars. 

You will need to  have good knowledge of how to use Blender 2.79 Software and the Avastar Plugin.


*Hair in promotional material sold separately. Visit Accessories page for more details.

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