The Second Life Marketplace has a wealth of many accessories, here are a few  specifically for Loki Avatars



Loki Avatars can also wear many SMB & Classic regular fit clothes*

Creators selling clothes that fit Loki Avatars include…

• Ardymesh  • Just Drake  • Christensons 

• Zwear • WyldWear  • TripGear  • Dante Creations

*in all cases remember to try demos  to check compatibility

Choose from a selection of clothes specifically fitted for Loki Avatars and check out the Loki Inworld Megastore for the newest items.


Loki Avatars now uses the Bakes on Mesh feature to allow quick changing of skins and  the addition of tattoo effects such as dirt, face paints, & Freckles.


Loki Avatars do not create hair as there are already many great creators in Second Life producing  stunning work. Here are a few recommended creators to check out for your Avatar.


*Hair in promotional material sold separately. Visit Accessories page for more details.

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